16 Space Party Games That Are Out Of This World

Looking to throw an out-of-this-world birthday party for your little astronaut? And you’re asking what your guests will be doing at the space themed party?

I have compiled a list of original space party games to keep your guests entertained and engaged for as long as you need.


Written by Noel Mifsud

Last Updated: May 7, 2024  |  10 min Read


Find detailed breakdowns for each game, including the benefits they offer, the intensity level of physical exertion, age appropriateness, suggested playtime, number of players, and the materials needed.

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1. Blastoff Balloon Race

Gross motor skills, coordination, social interaction
5 years+
5 (medium): ice breaker
4+ (even numbers)
10 minutes
Balloons, string or ribbon

How to play

Divide the players into two teams and have them sit in two lines facing each other, with chairs separating them.

Tie a balloon to the ankle of each player.

On the start signal, players have to race to pop the balloons of the opposing team using their feet while protecting their own balloon.

The team with the most un-popped balloons after a set time wins.

2. Asteroid Toss

Hand-eye coordinaton, aiming skills, healthy competition
4 years +
3 (low): active game
10-15 minutes
Small balls, bean bags, buckets, hoops

How to play

Set up the hoops and/or buckets at varying distances and assign points according to difficulty.

Players take turns tossing the foam balls or beanbags at the targets, trying to get as many points as possible.

The player with the highest score after a set number of rounds wins.

3. Moonwalk Challenge

Balance, coordination, spatial awareness
6 years+
1 (low): calming down activitiy
Any number
10 minutes

How to play

Choose a space-themed song (see below) and have players line up.

When the music starts, players must moonwalk to the end of the playing area and back.

The last player to finish is eliminated, and the game continues until one player is left.

Info: The moonwalk involves gliding backward while appearing to walk forwards, with a distinctive illusion of gravity-defying movement. Moonwalk was popularized by Michael Jackson.

4. Solar System Scavenger Hunt

Encourages exploration, observation, problem-solving
5 years+
6 (medium): active game
Any number
10-20 minutes
Solar system toys or flashcards

How to play

Give each participant a list of items related to the solar system that they must find within the designated play area.

Participants can search for the items (toys or flashcards) on the list individually or as part of a team.

When each item is found they have to mark check on the paper. Ask participants not to pick up the items they find so that the rest could find them as well

The first participant or team to find all of the items on the list wins the scavenger hunt.

5. Alien Tag

Agility, social interaction, strategic thinking
3 years+
9 (high): active game
10-20 minutes
Colored t-shirt or hat

How to play

Choose one player to be the alien and have them wear a different colored shirt or hat to distinguish them from the other players.

All other players are humans and must run around the playing area, trying to avoid being tagged by the alien.

If a player is tagged by the alien, they must freeze in place and become a pod person.

The only way for a pod person to become unfrozen is if another human player tags them.

The game ends when all humans have become pod people, or if a predetermined time limit is reached.

Switch up the alien role after each round.

6. Astronaut Relay Race

Gross motor skills, friendly competition, teamwork
4 years+
7 (high): active game
6 (minimum)
10 minutes
Cones or markers

How to play

Divide players into teams of 3-5.

Set up a relay track using cones or markers to indicate the start and finish lines.

On the go signal, the first player from each team will run to the end of the track and back, tagging the next player to go.

The relay continues until all players have completed the track.

The team with the fastest time wins.

7. Alien Egg Hunt

Encourages exploration, observation, problem solving
3 years+
8 (high): active game
Any number
10 minutes
Plastic eggs, alien-themed toys

How to play

Hide the plastic eggs filled with alien-themed toys or treats throughout the designated area.

Provide each player with a basket or bag to collect the eggs.

On the go signal, players must search for the hidden eggs.

The player who collects the most eggs within a set time limit wins.

8. Pin the Planet on the Solar System

Spatial awareness, fine motor skills, encourages turn-taking
3-7 years+
1 (low): calming down activitiy
Any number
15 minutes
Poster board, planet cut-outs, double-sided tape, blindfolds

How to play

Draw a large solar system on a piece of poster board or cardboard.

Cut out various planet shapes and attach double-sided tape to the back.

Blindfold the children and have them try to place the planet on the correct spot on the solar system.

The child who gets the closest wins!

You may instead want to buy a ready-made Pin The Mask On The Astronaut.


9. Mars Rover Obstacle Course

Spatial awareness, fine motor skills, patience.
5 years+
1 (low): calming down activitiy
2 (minimum)
10-20 minutes
Cones, small boxes, remote-controlled cars

How to play

Create an obstacle course using cones or markers to indicate the path and cardboard boxes to create obstacles.

Divide players into teams of 2-3.

One player from each team has to navigate the remote-controlled car around the obstacles and finish the course.

Then all team members take turns to do the same.

The team with the fastest time to complete the course wins.

10. Space Trivia

Enhances knowledge, critical thinking, problem solving
6 years+
1 (low): calming down activitiy
Any number
20 minutes
Trivia questions (see below)

How to play

Divide your guests into teams or have them play individually.

Ask each team/player a series of space-related questions.

Players must buzz in or write down their answers before time runs out.

After all questions have been asked, tally up the scores and declare a winner.

For added fun, consider incorporating space-themed prizes for the winners.


11. Captain Simon Says

Listening skills, following instructions, imaginative play
3 years+
3 (low): active game
Any number
10-15 minutes
Space-themed commands (see below)

How to play

Designate one player as Simon, the space captain. With younger children you can be Simon yourself.

Simon will give commands such as “Simon says hop like a space bunny” or “Simon says spin like a planet”.

The other players must listen carefully and only follow the commands when Simon says “Simon says” before the command.

If Simon does not say “Simon says” before a command, and a player follows the command, they are out.

The last player standing becomes the new Simon.

Space-themed Commands Ideas

  • Simon says float like an astronaut in zero gravity.
  • Simon says take giant leaps like you’re on the moon.
  • Simon says wiggle like a wiggly alien creature.
  • Simon says orbit around like a planet.
  • Simon says do a spacewalk and repair your imaginary spaceship.
  • Simon says dodge meteor showers like a spacecraft.
  • Simon says reach for the stars and touch your toes.
  • Simon says spin around like a galaxy.
  • Simon says do a countdown and blast off into space.
  • Simon says make alien sounds like you’re communicating with extraterrestrial life.

12. Intergalactic Twister

Flexibility, balance, coordination, interaction
6 years+
3 (low): ice breaker
10-20 minutes
Twister game

How to play

Lay out the Twister game mat on the ground.

Spin the spinner to determine which body part and color to place on the mat.

Players take turns following the instructions on the spinner until they fall or cannot reach the specified space without falling.

The last player standing wins.


13. Rocket Bean Bag Toss

Hand-eye coordination, aiming skills, concentration
3 years+
3 (low): calming down activitiy
Any number
10-15 minutes
Rocket ship cut-out, bean bags

How to play

Set up rocket ship cutouts or posters a few feet away from the throwing line. Cut holes in them.

Players take turns throwing bean bags through the holes in the rocket ship.

Players score points for each successful throw.

The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.


14. Cosmic Memory Game

Memory recall, concentration, visual-spatial abilities
3-8 years
1 (low): calming down activitiy
10 minutes
Space-themed cards

How to play

Shuffle the space-themed cards and lay them out in a grid face-down.

Players take turns flipping over two cards at a time, trying to match pairs.

If a player makes a match, they get to keep the cards and go again.

The player with the most pairs at the end of the game wins.

15. Asteroid Dodgeball

Agility, reflexes, strategic thinking, teamwork, cardiovascular
6 years+
8 (high): active game
20-30 minutes
Soft balls

How to play

Divide players into two teams and have them stand on opposite sides of the playing area.

Scatter several balls throughout the playing area.

When the game starts, players must run to the center of the playing area to retrieve the balls and then try to hit players on the opposing team with them.

If a player is hit with a ball, they are out and must sit on the sidelines.

The game ends when all players on one team have been eliminated, or if a predetermined time limit is reached.

Switch up the teams and playing area after each round

16. Rocket Ship Piñata

Coordination, gross motor skills, excitement
3 years+
3 (low): calming down activitiy
10-20 minutes
Pinata, blindfold, bat, treats

How to play

Hang the piñata from a sturdy tree branch or other high location using string.

Blindfold the first player and spin them around three times.

Hand the player the baseball bat or stick and let them swing at the piñata, trying to break it open and release the treats inside.

Continue until all players have had a turn or until the piñata breaks open.

Check out piñata safety for kids: The Quick A To Z Guide For Your Kid’s Party Pinata.

Final Thoughts About Space Party Games

In conclusion, these 16 space party games are sure to make your next space-themed birthday party a blast. With a variety of activities to choose from, including ice breakers, active games and calming down games, there’s something for every young astronaut and their friends.

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FAQs Related To Space Themed Games

1. What age group are these space party games suitable for?

These space party games are suitable for a variety of age groups, from young children to adults. Some games may need to be modified for younger children or made more challenging for older players.

2. Do I need to spend a lot of money on supplies for these games?

No, many of these games can be played with simple and inexpensive supplies, such as bean bags, balloons, and paper. You can also get creative with household items to make your own DIY space-themed props.

3. How many games should I plan for my space-themed party?

The number of games you should plan depends on the length of your party and the age range of your guests. A good rule of thumb is to plan around 5-7 games for a 2-hour party.

4. Can adults play these games too?

Yes! While some games may be geared more toward children, many of the games listed can be enjoyed by all ages.

5. Are there any space-themed party games that don’t require much setup?

Yes, games such as Space Trivia, Charades, and Pictionary require minimal setup and can be played with just pen and paper.

6. What are some good prizes for the games?

Good prizes for space-themed games can include astronaut ice cream, glow-in-the-dark stars, space-themed pencils or stickers, or small space-themed toys such as a mini rocket or space shuttle.


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