Dinosaur Party Games: 26 Fun Ideas That Are Dino-Mite!


Picture this: your kids racing to the finish line, carefully balancing dino eggs on spoons, or stomping and dancing their hearts out in a fierce competition.

How about freezing mid-dino-pose or shouting “DINO!” with joy while playing Dino Bingo? We’ve been there, done that, and it’s a blast!

Here are 26 dinosaur-themed party games we came up with, for our own children’s celebrations.

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High-energy Dinosaur Party Games

1. Dino Egg Spoon Race

Set up an egg and spoon race, but with a twist. Children must balance dinosaur eggs (plastic eggs filled with small toys or candies) on their spoons as they race to the finish line. The first one to cross without dropping the egg wins.

2. Fossil Freeze Dance

Play freeze dance with a dinosaur twist. Kids dance to dinosaur-themed music, but when the music stops, they must freeze in a dinosaur pose. The last one moving is out, and the game continues until only one child remains.

3. Pterodactyl Flight

Have a contest to see who can throw paper pterodactyl gliders the farthest. Kids design their gliders and then launch them to see whose pterodactyl can “fly” the longest distance. Here’s how to make a DIY flying pterodactyl…

4. Dino Balloon Pop

Fill balloons with small dinosaur-themed toys or candies before inflating them. Create a balloon wall, and kids take turns popping balloons with darts to reveal their surprise. Each child keeps the contents of the balloon they pop.

5. Triceratoss Ring Toss

Set up a triceratops-themed ring toss game. Kids take turns throwing rings onto the triceratops’ horns. Assign different point values to each horn, and the child with the most points wins.

6. Dino Bowling

Set up a dinosaur-themed bowling alley using plastic dinosaur figurines as pins and a soft ball as the bowling ball. Kids take turns rolling the ball and trying to knock down as many “dinosaurs” as possible.

7. Dinosaur Darts

Create a dartboard with dinosaur illustrations and assign point values to different areas. Kids take turns throwing Velcro darts at the board, aiming to score points by hitting the dinosaurs.

8. Dino Artifacts Hunt

Hide dinosaur “artifacts” around the party area, such as bones, teeth, or fossils. Provide kids with a list of the items to find, and the child who collects the most artifacts wins a prize.

9. Dino Dig Site

Create a mini archaeological dig site with a sandpit. Bury dinosaur toys and fossils in the sand, and provide children with brushes and tools to excavate their discoveries. The child who finds the most fossils wins a prize.

10. Dino Charades

Write down dinosaur names or actions related to dinosaurs on pieces of paper. Children take turns acting out or guessing the dinosaur-related words without speaking. It’s a fun and educational game.

11. Pterodactyl Egg Toss

Kids pair up and stand at increasing distances from each other. They take turns tossing a “pterodactyl egg” (a water balloon) to their partner. The last pair with an intact egg wins.

12. Volcano Treasure Hunt

Set up a scavenger hunt where kids follow clues to find hidden “dinosaur eggs” or treasures. At the end of the hunt, they discover a mini volcano (a baking soda and vinegar eruption) as the grand prize.

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Relaxed Dinosaur Party Games

13. Dino Bingo

Create bingo cards with different dinosaur species instead of numbers. Use small dinosaur figurines as markers, and call out the names of the dinosaurs. The first child to complete a row shouts “DINO!” and wins a prize.

14. Dino Art Gallery

Provide art supplies, and let kids create dinosaur-themed art pieces. Display their artwork around the party area, and have a mini art show where each child presents their masterpiece.

15. Dino Shadow Puppets

Host a shadow puppet show with dinosaur-themed characters. Provide a light source and a white sheet as the screen. Kids can take turns creating their own dino stories using shadow puppets.

16. Dino Photo Booth

Set up a photo booth with dinosaur-themed props like hats, masks, and dinosaur tails. Kids can take pictures in their dinosaur costumes, and you can provide them with printed photos as party favors.

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Team Games for a Dinosaur Party

17. Dino Puzzle Race

Create dinosaur puzzles and divide the children into teams. The teams race to complete their puzzles, and the first one to finish wins a prize. You can use different-sized puzzles for various age groups.

18. Jurassic Relay Race

Organize a relay race where teams of kids must complete dinosaur-themed challenges at different stations. These challenges can include crawling like a dinosaur, carrying an “egg” on a spoon, or assembling a dinosaur skeleton puzzle.

19. Dino Capture the Flag

Set up an exhilarating game of Dino Capture the Flag, where teams strive to retrieve their opponents’ dino-themed flag while navigating through a prehistoric landscape. The victorious team not only claims victory but also earns a roar-worthy dino-themed prize!

    How to form teams

    An easy and fast way to divide kids in teams, is to assign each guest a number.

    Start from 1 till the number of groups you want to have, then start all over again. So, say you need four groups, looking at every child one by one, you say 1, 2, 3, 4, then 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on, until all kids have a number.

    Tell them to remember their number and group up together according to the given number.

    This way all the ones play together against all the twos, the threes and the fours.

    Dinosaur Trivia Party Games

    20. Dino Quiz Show

    For this game, you’ll prepare a set of dinosaur-related questions with varying levels of difficulty. Divide the children into teams, and take turns asking questions. Teams earn points for correct answers, and the team with the most points at the end wins a prize. Use our Dinosaur Trivia questions and answers.

     Unearth the Past: 50 Fun Dinosaur Trivia Questions

    Unearth the Past: 50 Fun Dinosaur Trivia Questions

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    21. Dinosaur Fact or Fiction

    In this game, you’ll present a mix of facts and myths about dinosaurs. Kids take turns guessing whether each statement is true (fact) or false (fiction). This game is not only fun but also educational, as it allows children to learn interesting facts about dinosaurs. Check out our dinosaur fact or fiction sheet.

    22. Dino Trivia Scavenger Hunt

    This game involves a scavenger hunt with trivia questions related to dinosaurs. Kids must find clues hidden around the party area and answer the questions correctly to advance in the game.

    23. Dino Pictionary

    Similar to charades, but in this game, kids draw pictures related to dinosaurs. They can take turns guessing what their peers are drawing, which can be a lot of fun.

    24. Dinosaur Memory Game

    For this game, you’ll create pairs of cards with images of different dinosaurs on them. You can buy ready-made ones shown below. Arrange the cards face down and have the children take turns flipping them over to find matching pairs. 


    Image: amazon.com

    Dinosaur Board Games

    Dinosaur board games transport players to a land of ancient giants, where they can engage in strategic battles, solve puzzles, and discover the world of dinosaurs in a fun and educational way. Here are our favorite ones:

    25. Monopoly Junior Dinosaur Edition


      Image: amazon.com

      26. Ker Plunk: Jurassic World Toys Dominion 


        Image: amazon.com

        Final Thoughts About Dinosaur Party Games

        And there you have it, a roaring success of dinosaur party games that your kids are sure to love!

        Our adventures in creating unforgettable moments with these games have been nothing short of a prehistoric blast.

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