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We provide the ideal games for all children’s parties, whether they’re toddlers, kids, tweens, or teenagers! Plus, valuable tips on the basics of kids’ party planning.

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Is finding games for a party, a headache?

Kids’ parties are supposed to be fun, but for parents and party planners, they can quickly turn into stressful events. You want to keep the little ones entertained, but finding age-appropriate games that are engaging and exciting can be a challenge. You spend hours searching online, wasting time wading through endless ideas that may not work.


The ultimate party game resource!

Don’t let party planning become a headache! We have a huge selection of games categorized by age group, from toddlers to teens, so you can find the perfect activities to keep everyone entertained. Plus, we offer themed party game ideas to match your party’s concept, and a helpful section on party planning basics to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Party Games By Age


Games For Toddlers

Is keeping your little ones entertained at a party a challenge? We’ve got you covered! Our toddler party games section is bursting with age-appropriate activities perfect for short attention spans and boundless energy.


Games For Kids

Our 4-10 year old party game section is a treasure trove of engaging activities designed to keep this energetic bunch entertained. We go beyond the basics, offering original themed party games and creative twists on classic games.


Games For Tweens & Teens

We ditch the boring stuff in favor of fast-paced challenges that test reflexes, strategic cooperative games that build teamwork, and brain-bending trivia, in our section for tweens and teens.

Party Games One-Stop Shop


Original Themed Games

Party games that go beyond the usual “Musical Chairs”.


Different Intensity Games

Our games come in a variety of high intensity active games and calming down activities.


Age-Appropriate Categorized

We categorize games according to your guests’ ages.

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Free Printable Versions

With a click of a button you can download game instructions for free.

Key Party Games’ Features

Each of our party games comes with clear instructions how to play. You can easily download the printable version of these instructions with just one click. Moreover, additional information is made avaialble for each game as indicated below, allowing you to quickly determine which games best suit your needs.

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Game benefits such as teamwork, motor skills, imagination, creativity and coordination.

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Intensity: Games are rated on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 representing low intensity, 5 indicating moderate intensity, and 10 denoting high intensity.

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An indication of how much the game should take to play is suggested. This will give you an idea of how many games you will need for your event.

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The recommended age range for the game is provided. With some adaptations some games are fit for different ages.

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The recommended number of players required for the game is specified.

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The equipment and materials required to play the game are listed next to this icon.

Party Planning Basics

Party Planning Basics 4

Getting Started

We’re here to help you get the party started with expert guidance and inspiration for planning the perfect kids’ celebration!

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FAQs & How-Tos

Explore our comprehensive FAQs & How-Tos section for answers to common questions and step-by-step guides to make your party planning process smooth sailing.

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DIY Party Ideas

Dive into our DIY party ideas section for creative inspiration and step-by-step tutorials to add a personal touch to your child’s celebration.

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Beyond The Basics

Explore additional resources for expert party planning advice, covering topics such as addressing accessibility needs, troubleshooting common challenges, and effective task delegation.