“Celebrating your child’s birthday shouldn’t be a stressful occasion but a celebration you eagerly look forward to and cherish.”

Ann Mifsud

Founder, Editor & Writer

Mom to three kids, I am the proud founder of Easy Kids Parties. After a career in journalism and education, I diverted my skills to creating this site, to help all those parents out there who wish to organize amazing and memorable parties for their kids but feel overwhelmed by the idea.

I come from the sun-soaked shores of Malta in the Mediterranean, where celebrations are practically a national sport. Birthdays, holidays, graduations – any excuse is a good excuse for a fiesta! But when it came to planning parties for our three little ones, things got a bit… well, stressful.


I have personally experienced the challenges that young parents encounter when planning family celebrations. Navigating the vast sea of party ideas on the internet often felt overwhelming, with information overload making it difficult to find exactly what I needed.

Thankfully, I never gave up! My husband Noel and I wanted to make special occasions like birthdays memorable.

That is where my adventures with kids’ parties all started and how easykidsparties.com came about.


For every birthday and special occasion, we created a different party theme. Irrespective of whether we were having guests over or just celebrating between us, we decorated just the same. We always prepared fancy food, experimented with themed cakes, played games, and danced to music.

Over the years, I learned from our mistakes and experiences. What used to lend itself to a couple of sleepless nights every time we had a kid’s party, has become something I eagerly look forward to and cherish.


Through Easy Kids Parties, I wanted to share with other parents all the tips I was learning along the way, to make it easier for you who may be thinking of planning your next child’s party but do not know where to start or feel overwhelmed with the information overload scattered all over the net.

I am committed to continually sharing the tips and insights I will be gaining while planning our family celebrations with all of you. Looking ahead, I envision this website evolving into the ultimate destination for a wide range of kids’ party games in the years to come.


That is why I am also enlisting the help of my husband, a qualified Physical Education teacher with extensive experience organizing meetings and camps for kids and teenagers. He will contribute regularly as a writer and editor, creating original themed party games categorized according to the kids’ age groups.

I know you can do it. Trust me, we have been there. Hand on heart, I promise to help you avoid as many pitfalls as you can face.