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How To Host An Eco-Friendly Birthday Party

Hosting an eco party or an eco-friendly birthday party is a wonderful way to celebrate while being mindful of the environment. By incorporating sustainable practices and environmentally friendly choices…

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How To Say No Toys For A Birthday Party

Communicate your preference for no toys politely and clearly. Offer alternative gift suggestions like books, or suggest donations to a charity. Express gratitude for their understanding and focus on experiences and meaningful connections.


Do You Serve Food To Adults At A Kids’ Party?

Serving food to accompanying adults at your kid’s party is not only courteous. It also shows you have given attention to detail. Although most parents don’t expect to be fed at a kids’ party, when they are, they’re generally very appreciative.


Which Ages Are Important Milestone Birthdays For Kids?

For some parents, celebrating every one of their kids’ birthdays with a party may seem daunting or unnecessary. They would rather focus on milestone birthdays. But which ages are important milestone birthdays for kids?


What Time Of Day Is Best For A Kid’s Party?

If you’re planning a special event for your kid, you surely want it to be a success on all fronts. One thing you definitely want to get right is the time of day you throw the party.


Should You Have A Birthday Party For Your Kid Every Year?

You don’t have to go all out and have an expensive birthday party for your kid every year. Whatever you do, however, celebrate your kid’s birthday every year!


What Age Should I Start Having Birthday Parties For My Kid?

Find out our reasons why we firmly believe that families should start having birthday parties for their kid from the very first year of the child’s birth.


How Many Kids Can Fit In A Bounce House?

Deciding on a bounce house party for your kid is an amazing idea that promises hours of fun for all guests. Once you settle on the idea, you may find yourself asking a very pertinent question…how many kids can fit in a bounce house?


How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Bounce House For A Kid’s Party?

To rent a standard 15′ by 15′ bounce house, typically costs $100 to $250 for 6-8 hours. Hiring elaborate combos, with slides, climbing walls and splash areas, cost between $200 and $575.


Should Kids Open Gifts At A Birthday Party?

Sometimes, parents wonder what the right etiquette is on a number of things party related. One of them is whether their kids should open gifts at their birthday party or opt to open them later. What is expected and what is rude?


Should You Invite The Entire Class To Your Kid’s Birthday Party?

If you have been wanting to plan a birthday party for your kid, but cannot decide whether to invite the entire class or not, we at can help you make up your mind.


Should Parents Stay On At A Kid’s Party Or Just Drop Them Off?

With so many different customs that color our world, no wonder some parents get confused on whether to stay at a kid’s party or just drop off their child. It primarily boils down to your kid’s age…


How Long Should A Kid’s Party Last?

The length to any kids’ party greatly depends on the age of the guests you are inviting. If you don’t want your party to end with a bunch of super stimulated, overtired or over excited guests…