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Reusable Birthday Decorations: Sustainable and Stylish Solutions

Planning a birthday party is always a joyous occasion but it’s crucial to be mindful of the environmental impact our celebrations can have. The excessive waste generated by disposable decorations…


Make Fabulous DIY Party Signs

Whether you want to welcome your guests with a good-looking sign as you usher them at your kid’s party venue or you need to decorate the place with eye-catching messages, then this is the guide for you.


How To Make A Fantastic DIY Cardboard Standee

If you want to surpass all expectations at your next kid’s themed party, consider making your own life-size cardboard standee. Using our method, you can customize your stand-up sign as much as you want.


Custom Chip Bags Step By Step

Turning ordinary chip bags into unique party items is a step in the right direction to make your party stand out. All you need is our simple step-by-step guide to create DIY custom chip bags.


How To Make An Eye-Catching Party Banner

A party banner is the most indispensable item of all party decorations because it denotes what the celebration is all about. The best party banners are those made exclusively…


Easy Summer Party Decorations

It’s all about flamingoes, watermelons, pineapples, sunglasses, beach balls, ice-lollies and a lot of excitement that summer is here. You can create gorgeous summer party decorations…


How To Keep Balloons From Deflating And Popping

Balloons deflate or pop when they are put in direct sunlight, exposed to outdoor air or inflated a lot in advance. Smaller balloons tend to deflate quicker than bigger ones and helium escapes from…


Can Balloons Stay In The Cold?

It is a well-known fact that when balloons are subject to hot conditions, they will not last long. But when it comes to exposing balloons to the cold, it is somehow a bit trickier. Do they deflate as they do in hot environments?


Pirate Party Decoration Ideas In 5 Easy Steps

The sky is the limit when it comes to pirate party decoration ideas. We know that it could be overwhelming when you’re excited with the idea of throwing a themed party, but not knowing where to start from.


8 Essential Camouflage Party Decoration Ideas

Holding a camouflage party for your young loved one, will certainly result in a most memorable celebration for the boy or girl and their closest friends. This is especially true if your child is…


Neon Party Venue Decoration Ideas

There is no party without decorations. When it comes to very particular themes, such as a glow in the dark party, also known as neon party, decorations take on a new level.


Setting Up Black Light For A Neon Party

Setting up black light for a neon party involves having enough ultra-violet light sources to cover all party area from different angles. As a general rule, 1 watt of UV light is adequate for a small area of 100 square feet (9 square meters).


How Long Do Balloons Stay Inflated?

You can prepare most of your party decoration items from as much before as your schedule permits, especially if the celebration is going to be held indoors. There is one exception, however. Balloons.


Best 7 Tips To Transport Balloons Safely

It can be quite a challenge to transport inflated balloons in order to get them undamaged and simultaneously preventing your cargo from interfering with your driving.

Balloon arch

How To Impress With A Balloon Arch At Your Next Kid’s Party

Balloon arches will turn your usual party decor at home into an impressive experience for all your guests. At first glance they seem very complex to make, but in actual fact they are quite easy to create.

Children and balloon decorations

15 Types Of Balloons To Enchant Your Party Venue

Decorating a party venue with balloons may sound simple and straightforward, but is it really? Not if you want an over-the-top look at your loved one’s celebration.


How To Make Unique DIY Neon Signs (In 11 Easy Steps)

Create as many neon signs as you need in a very inexpensive way following 11 easy steps. Some may call them fake neon signs but actually they can look very authentic.