How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Bounce House For A Kid’s Party?

by Ann Mifsud


Renting a bounce house for your kid’s party will make the event more memorable as kids are greatly amused by the jolly good time spent bouncing and playing on a bounce house. As a parent however, one pressing question usually arises; how much will it actually cost you to rent a bounce house for your kid’s party?

To rent a standard 15′ by 15′ bounce house, typically costs $100 to $250 for 6-8 hours. Hiring elaborate combos, with slides, climbing walls and splash areas, cost between $200 and $575. This commonly includes delivery, setting up and dismantling. Another $25 to $80 is charged for every extra hour.

When considering renting a bounce house for your kid’s party, think of what kind of play inflatable you wish to have as per the number of invitees and their age, as well as the venue you will be holding the party at. This will determine the size of the bounce house you will go for and the price for renting it. Then inquire which are the companies offer the best service in the business of renting commercial grade bounce houses in your area.

Since larger bounce houses often come with lots of extra attachments like slides or even a little kiddie pool, they will inevitably get more expensive.

On average, renting a wet or dry slide to compliment your standard (15′ by 15′) bounce house costs between $150 and $250 for the day. It’s by and large the same amount you’ll be paying for the bounce house itself! This is partly because renting companies take more time to set the inflatable equipment up and require more care to transport and pack. So it’s not just the size of the extra attachments the will push the price up.

There are also other important factors that you need to consider before you decide to rent a bounce house for your kid’s party.

The following are the most relevant…


1. Is delivery, setup and pickup included in the price when hiring a bounce house?

Most rental companies offer an all-inclusive service when renting a bounce house for. This would mean that the company would deliver the bounce house on the day of the party, safely set it up, dismantle it and take it away once the party finishes.

If that is not the case, you can expect to pay around $50 extra for assistance in setting up and disassembling the bounce house.

As for travel fees, since inflatables are by default delivered to a party or event site, rental companies typically have a service range within which there are no additional travel fees.

Having said that, a company may charge a per-mile or set rate if your venue goes beyond the area they usually operate in, to compensate for employee time and transportation expenses.

For example, some businesses have a tiered pricing system for delivery based on a party’s venue distance from the company’s depot, ranging from $15 to $30, on average.

Check with the bounce house supplier if the price quote includes extra fees for delivering it, setting it up and collecting the inflatable after your party.

2. Is insurance included in the cost when renting a bounce house?

A reputable commercial grade bounce house rental company would have no problem showing you its insurance certificates to cover any personal injury expenses at your kid’s party. Generally speaking, they’ll call this a “certificate of additional insured.”

Normally, bounce house rental companies should not charge you for insurance, since they should have in place an insurance cover for the equipment they are renting out.

Such companies usually pay $750 or more annually for their insurance, and it’s their responsibility to manage their business so that they can afford this expense. You may also want to verify that the company is state inspected for your peace of mind. Most companies would have these two criteria listed in their terms and conditions.

3. Do I have to pay extra for use of a generator when renting a bounce house?

In most cases, the 50’ to 75’ power cord the bounce house comes with suffices to keep it well inflated throughout your kid’s party.

However, if this length of cord does not reach a power outlet from the bounce house location, it would be good to know that generators are available for rent for $75 to $100.

4. Will I need to pay for cleaning when hiring a bounce house for my kid’s party?

Most commercial grade bounce house renting companies abide by a standard policy of cleaning and sanitizing the bounce house before they deliver it to you. This would be included in the overall price quoted.

Nevertheless, fees may be imposed by companies in case of unusual dirt found after the use of the bounce house. Some companies charge a fee of up to $300 when residues of silly string, gum or candy are found on the inflatable bounce house.

5. How much will I be expected to pay as deposit when renting a bounce house?

It is a standard practice for most rental companies to require a 50% deposit fee upfront to book a bounce house for your kid’s party.

This will then be deducted when you come to pay the total amount. The company who will be renting the bounce house should incorporate their reservation fee as part of the entire price quote.


6. Are there standard cancellation fees when hiring a bounce house?

You must be aware that cancellation policies vary from company to company when hiring a bounce house. Some companies take the initiative to call the morning of the event and offer the possibility of free cancellation to their customers in the event of rain. Others charge a 25% cancellation fee if less than 48 hours notice is given.

Some commercial grade bounce house rental companies give a full refund if you call off your reservation at least one week before the party.

The rule of thumb here is, to make sure you know the cancellation terms and conditions exercized by the company you are dealing with.

7. Are there any additional services offered by bounce house renting companies?

If you want to have a big party and you’d like to get more for your money, then ask your rental company about any add-on services they provide. For only a small fee, they may be able to give you great deals on additional seating options, popcorn, cotton-candy and other concession machines.

The more items a customer rents, the higher the overall cost, but often the greater the savings attained. These are but a few examples of what can available for rent as add-ons to bounce houses and how much would they cost to hire: folding chairs – $1.50 each; folding tables (6’) – $8 per item; snow cone machine – $45; popcorn machine and cotton candy machine – $55 per unit.

Other companies also offer the services of a clown or magician, professional face-painting, balloon twisting, bubble shows, as well as singing and dancing animators. If you’d like to add these attractions to your kid’s party, you need to search for businesses near you that offer these add-ons to the renting of bounce house inflatables.

Some rental companies may be able to provide an attendant to supervise children for an additional $30 an hour. This is especially good if you’re throwing a large party for your kid, with lots on invitees of different ages and parents included. When you think about it, this would allow you the opportunity to mingle with other parents whilst having peace of mind that all the kids are well-supervised at all time. You may need to book early not to be disappointed though.

8. What are the responsibilities of the renter of a bounce house?

More often than not, companies require that an adult is present on the venue when the bounce house is being set up. They would review the features of the inflatable with this individual, as well as their safety regulations. Additionally, they will review the emergency procedures with him or her.

Most companies also demand that an adult is close to the bounce house throughout the time it remains inflated.

The renter is responsible for the safety of the children, as well as, the care of the equipment by making sure that all safety rules and regulations are followed.

It is the responsibility of the renter to provide for electrical power within 75ft of the bounce house and a level, open area to set it up on.

9. What are the advantages of renting a bounce house for your kid’s party?

Probably, the actual fact that it doesn’t require any effort on your end, is the most attractive attribute of renting a bounce house for your kid’s party. Rental companies drop off the bounce house, set it up and take care of the inflating.

At the end of the party, you need not lift a finger. The rental guys are responsible for deflating the bounce house and packing it all up.

Another advantage is the extensive range of bounce houses available to choose from. This is a great advantage especially if you’re going for a themed party. Rental companies may give you various options, from Disney’s princesses to a pirate-themed bounce house, for example.

Again, because you’re renting, you don’t have to worry about being stuck with the same theme party after party.  Besides, selection of inflatables usually caters for various age ranges.

Final thoughts on cost of renting a bounce house for a kid’s party

Rental companies for commercial grade bounce houses typically rent standard bounce houses for an average of 6 hours, at a cost varying from $100 to $250. The majority of companies won’t rent out a bouncy house for less than two hours because of the amount of time it takes to set it up, deliver it and pack it up again, which is commonly included in the price.

A minimum of 4 hours is a much more reasonable rental period for bounce houses. Of course, the length of time you rent it for will affect the overall price you pay for renting a bounce house for your kid’s party. Most rental companies charge an additional $25 to $80 per hour, if you keep the bounce house longer than agreed.

Generally speaking, there is a higher demand for bigger and more elaborate bounce houses that include a wide range of additional units, like slides, climbing walls, pools or splash areas. Costs here, however, are more in the region of $200 to $575.

Understandably, the cost may be a determining factor whether you rent a bounce house for your kid’s party or not. If you do make up your mind to rent a bounce house, make sure you book yours as early as possible so that you don’t miss your chance of getting a good one for the big party day. Your kid and guests are sure to have a ball of a time. Make sure you capture fun moments by taking plenty of photos to keep going back to and reliving the memories once the event is over.

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