18 Fun Summer Party Food Ideas For Kids

by Ann Mifsud


Organizing a summer party for your kid is always fun and exciting. The nice summer weather is inspiring and presents so many possibilities for a summer-themed kids’ party. However, one thing you may not be sure of is, what food to offer kids at a summer party.

    We faced this question ourselves when we first started planning our daughter’s 11th birthday party. Born on the 21st of June and having grown out of the younger kids’ party themes, Sara thought this was the perfect birthday for a summer party.

    As we set about brainstorming food options, we focused on summer party food that was fun, tasty, kid-friendly, colorful and refreshing. The list of summer-themed kids’ party food we came up with, offered a nice selection, catered for all taste buds and was a total hit.

    Most of the portions were bite-size on purpose. We were mindful that kids tend to eat less but more often in summer. Pretty much like adults, they also prefer lighter meals. So, we made sure there were enough servings for seconds, for anyone with a bigger appetite. We didn’t want any of our guests leaving the party hungry.

    Just take a look at our summer party food ideas for kids.

      Offering a balance between savories and sweets was a must at our daughter’s summer birthday party. Most food items did not take a lot of time to prepare and certainly did not require special culinary skills. We also strove to keep the list as budget friendly as possible, whilst offering wholesome food.

      So, if you are organizing a summer kid’s party and feel at a loss on what food to offer…Congratulations! You found the right read to get inspired.

      Just click to any item to go straight to it.

        Word of Caution: For some of the items listed below, we used fancy appetizer toothpicks to complete the summer-themed look. Do be mindful if you are using these toothpicks with very young kids though, as the small parts may come off the toothpick and be swallowed. In our case, the party was for tweens, so we felt pretty safe to go ahead with them.

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        1. Tomato Mozzarella Balls


        What you need

        • Bite-sized mozzarella balls
        • Cherry tomatoes
        • Basil leaves
        • 4.5in (12cm) appetizer toothpicks (use fancy toothpicks like these for an even nicer look)

        How to prepare Tomato Mozzarella Balls

        • Start by washing the cherry tomatoes and basil leaves.
        • Drain the mozzarella balls.
        • Insert an appetizer toothpick in the middle of a cherry tomato. Follow with a basil leaf, folded in half if it’s too big.
        • Finish off by inserting the mozzarella ball.

          How to serve

          • Serve your colorful tomato mozzarella balls on a serving plate as one of the finger food items at your kid’s summer party.

          2. Blue Cream Cheese


          What you need

          • A tub of cream cheese

          • Blue food coloring

          • Bread sticks (or nachos)

          How to prepare Blue Cream Cheese

          • Turn normal cream cheese blue for guests to enjoy at your kid’s summer-themed party.

          • Simply smear a toothpick in the blue food coloring and stir into the cream cheese until the color is uniform.

          How to serve

          • Simply display in a small serving bowl, accompanied with bread sticks on the side for your guests to help themselves. 

          3. Salmon Baguette Bites


          What you need

          • A thin but long baguette

          • Cream cheese

          • Yellow and blue food coloring

          • Smoked salmon slices

          • Cucumber

          How to prepare Baguette Bites

          • Slice the baguette into rounds that are 0.4in (1cm) thick.

          • Color 1/4 cup of cream cheese yellow, by smearing a toothpick with the food coloring and mixing it into the cream cheese until the color is uniform.

          • Repeat this process using 1/8 cup of cream cheese and blue food coloring (or use some from the Blue Cream Cheese prepared in the previous item.

          • Spread some yellow cream cheese on top of each round of baguette.

          • Top this with a folded piece of smoked salmon slice.

          • Add a bit of blue cream cheese on top of the salmon slice.

          • Finish of the baguette bites with small cucumber wedges.

          How to serve

          • Serve these stylish baguette bites on a serving plate or dish to complement your selection of summer-themed food items.

          Important: Since this is a fish dish, keep refrigerated until serving time.

          Pro tip: This is a great bite both for kids, as well as other accompanying adults. However, you may have guests that do not fancy salmon. So, if you think most of your guests fall into this category, skip this item altogether.

          4. Parma Ham Melon Bites


          What you need

          • A packet of parma ham
          • A melon
          • 4.5in (12cm) appetizer toothpicks (use fancy toothpicks like these for an even nicer look)

          How to prepare Parma Ham Melon Bites

          • Take a slice of parma ham (half it if it is too big) and arrange in a rough floret style.
          • Insert the appetizer toothpick so that the parma ham holds its shape.
          • Next, half and deseed the melon. Cut into thick slices so it’s easier to peel.
          • Finally, cut the melon slices into 1in (2.5cm) cubes and insert onto the toothpick .

          How to serve

          • Simply arrange the refreshing parma ham melon bites nicely on a serving plate. These are sure to give a summery feel to all guests at your kid’s summer-themed party.

          Important Tip: Keep these parma ham melon bites in the fridge until you are ready to serve them.

          5. Cold Pasta Salad


          What you need

          • 1lb (450g) pasta conchiglie (choose wholegrain for a healthier option)
          • 2 tbsps olive oil
          • 12 cherry tomatoes (halved)
          • 1 deseeded red bell pepper cut into 0.5in squares
          • 1 avocado peeled and cut into 0.5in cubes
          • 4 sundried tomatoes cut into small pieces
          • 1/2 cup each black and green olives (halved)
          • 1 cup feta cheese cut into 0.5in cubes
          • 1 cup shredded parmesan cheese
          • Juice of 1/2 a lemon
          • 1/3 cup sunflower seeds
          • 1/3 cup pumpkin seeds

          How to prepare Cold Pasta Salad

          • Boil the pasta as per instructions on box or bag, drain and cool under cold running water. Add 2 tbsps of olive oil to it, mix well and set aside.

          • While pasta is boiling, prepare all the ingredients as described above.

          • Cover the avocado cubes with the lemon juice to prevent it from turning brown.

          • Mix all the ingredients into the cold pasta.

          How to serve

          • Display in a large glass serving bowl. Guests at your kid’s summer-themed party can help themselves to a ladleful or two in individual plates, depending on how many food items you decide to serve.
          • This is also a great food item to serve if there are accompanying adults. Simply remember to make more, so there is enough to go around.

          Note: We used conchiglie for this recipe because we found it complements the overall cold pasta salad presentation, but feel free to choose any pasta of your choice.

          Good to know: This recipe is easy to turn into a gluten-free or lactose-free recipe, simply by substituting the pasta and cheeses with allergy free equivalents.

          Important Tip: This cold pasta salad has cheese in it and a few other ingredients that would need to be kept in the fridge till serving time.

          6. Pesto Pasta


          Another summery food dish, this pesto pasta is super simple to make and can be enjoyed by both kids and any accompanying parents at your kid’s summer-themed party.

            What you need

            • 1lb (450g) pasta fusilli (choose wholegrain for a healthier option)

            • A jar of pesto (or homemade pesto)

            • 2 tbsps olive oil,

            • 3.5oz (100g) pine nuts

            • 1 cup parmeggiano shavings

            • Basil leaves to garnish

            How to prepare Pesto Pasta

            • Boil the pasta as per packet instructions, drain and cool under cold running water. Add 2 tbsps of olive oil to it.

            • Mix in the pesto and the pine nuts.

            • Transfer to your serving bowl of choice and top with the parmeggiano shavings. Finish off with a couple of basil leaves.

            How to serve

            • Preferably, display the pesto pasta in a large glass serving bowl and let your guests help themselves to a ladleful or two in individual plates.

            Word of Caution: This recipe contains gluten, lactose and nuts. So, if any of your guests are allergic to the first two, simply substitute with allergy-free alternatives for the pasta and cheese. As for the pine nuts, do away with them altogether if anyone suffers from nut allergy.

            Note: We prefer using fusilli for this recipe because we find the pesto covers it well and does not slide off because of its twisted shape. However, you can use any pasta of choice, provided it has some texture.

            7. Mini Party Burgers


            Kids are sure to love these bite-sized mini party burgers. Their size makes them a perfect food item for a summer-themed kids’ party.

              What you need

              • 2.5in (or 6cm) slider buns,

              • Ready-made mini burgers (or 1lb(450g) minced meat, 2 eggs, salt, pepper, 1 cup crushed cornflakes)

              • Cheese slices

              • Tomato slices

              • Lettuce leaves

              • Ketchup or burger sauce

              How to prepare Mini Burgers

              • To make the mini burgers at home, mix 2 eggs to 1lb(450g) of minced meat with the 2 eggs, crushed cornflakes, salt and pepper.

              • Next, cook the burgers in a slightly oiled pan for about 4-5 minutes on each side pan.

              • If you buy ready-made mini burgers, cook as per instructions.

              • Then, simply layer the burger on the open slider bun, followed by the cheese slice, lettuce, tomato slice and top with ketchup or burger sauce.

              • Close the slider bun and insert a summer-themed flag on a kebab skewer to keep it all securely in place.

              How to serve

              • One option is to serve the mini party burgers on a serving plate and let the kids help themselves. Alternatively, you could prepare them on colorful individual plates with some other food items at the side.
              • Always finish off the look with a kebab skewer sporting a summer-themed flag. Besides, this will help keep the burger in place.

              8. Mini Hot Dogs


              Mini hot dogs will delight all your young guests. They are fairly easy to make and won’t have you in the kitchen for long, which makes it a great addition to your kid’s summer party food list.

                What you need

                • Small hot dog buns (3in or 7.5cm)

                • 3in (or 7.5cm) hot dog sausage (or longer ones cut to size)

                • Ketchup

                How to prepare Mini Hot Dogs

                • Simply slit the hot dog buns lengthwise, making sure you don’t cut through to the bottom. You don’t want to half the bun.

                • Then, slit the sausages and in a slightly greased pan on the hob, or in a dish in the oven for a few minutes. Alternatively, steam them if you prefer.

                • Once cooked, place the sausage in the bun and top with ketchup.

                How to serve

                • Serve the mini hot dogs on a serving plate or else on individual plates with potato smiles or other food items.

                9. BBQ-flavored Chicken Drumsticks/Wings


                What you need

                • Ready-bought, half-baked BBQ-flavored chicken drumsticks or wings (you could also make these if you wish)
                • Lettuce leaves

                How to prepare BBQ-flavored Chicken Drumsticks/Wings

                • Cook the chicken drumsticks (or wings) in the oven or microwave, as per packet instructions.

                How to serve

                • Lay a bed of lettuce on a serving plate. Then place the chicken drumsticks (or wings) on top et voila`, you have the perfect food item for your kid’s summer-themed party.

                10. All Smiles


                What you need

                • A packet of potato smiles will go a long way and is sure to bring a smile to all kids.

                How to prepare Potato Smiles

                • Cook the potato smiles as per packet instructions.

                How to serve

                • If you intend on having your guests pick and choose which food items to help themselves to, then serve the potato smiles on a sizeable serving plate. However, if your plan is to serve some items, like the mini burgers, the mini hot dogs, or the chicken drumsticks on individual plates, then serve the potato smiles as a side.

                11. Fancy Popcorn


                Many kids love popcorn. Though some may associate this food item to cosier winter parties, this colorful version shouts fun, summer, party.

                  What you need

                  • Store-bought packet/s of popcorn or microwave popcorn is the easier, more convenient option.
                  • Popcorn kernels if you decide to make your own.

                  How to prepare Fancy Popcorn

                  • If you’re up to more fun, follow this video here and make some colored popcorn to wow invited guests at your kid’s summer party.

                  How to serve

                  How To Make Popcorn Boxes At Home

                  How To Make Popcorn Boxes At Home

                  We have compiled this easy step-by-step guide to make homemade popcorn boxes after realizing that it is next to impossible to get custom-made ones without spending a fortune.

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                  12. Salty Snack Selection


                  What you need

                  • A selection of packets of crisps and other similar salty snacks.

                  How to serve

                  • Display crisps and other salty snacks in large jars.

                  Idea: These are great to display on the food table, especially for kids to nibble on while waiting for you to bring out the other savory items, such as the refrigerated finger foods and pastas or the warm food items.

                  13. Tasty Fruit Kebabs


                  This is a very easy food item to prepare and is sure to be a hit at your kid’s summer-themed party, as it is refreshing, tasty and colorful. Get your kids on board and prepare this together.

                    What you need

                    How to prepare Tasty Fruit Kebabs

                    • Wash the grapes.

                    • Peel the kiwi, watermelon and melon and deseed the latter. Cut cubes from all 3, of approximately 1in (2.5cm) in size.

                    • Insert 3 fruit on an appetizer toothpick by mixing and match the fruit to your liking to create different-colored fruit kebabs. Avoid having a green grape and a kiwi on the same kebab.

                    How to serve

                    • Place the colored tasty fruit kebabs on a serving plate.

                    Important Tip: Make sure you have extra fruit kebabs, as you will likely find out that most kids fancy helping themselves to seconds at your kid’s summer party.

                    14. Colorful Jello


                    Jello is always fun and generally a favorite, especially when it is topped with whipped cream and cherries. Here’s how to create this colorful food item for your kid’s summer-themed party.

                      What you need

                      • A packet of lemon-flavored jello
                      • A packet of cherry or strawberry-flavored jello
                      • A packet of lime-flavored jello
                      • Whipped cream
                      • Fresh cherries
                      • Small (1oz) transparent cups

                      How to prepare Colorful Jello

                      • Prepare the solution for each packet of jello, as per instructions.

                      • Fill in as many cups as you need with the different-colored solution.

                      • Refrigerate overnight or as per packet instructions.

                      • Once jello is done and turned into its bouncy state, top with the whipped cream.

                      • Finish off the summery look with a cherry on top.

                      How to serve

                      • This colorful jello is best served in small individual plastic cups.
                      • Of course, depending on the number of food items you intend to serve at your kid’s summer party, you may opt for larger cups.

                      Idea: Should you not manage to find lime-flavored (green jello), you can easily add a bit of green food coloring to the lemon-flavored one and it will turn into green. This applies to any other colored-jello you may wish to serve but which is not as strong in color as you want it to be.

                      15. Yummy Ice-cream

                      What you need

                      How to serve

                      • Serve a scoop, two or three of different-colored ice-cream in individual summer-themed ice-cream cups.
                      • Top with the colorful hundreds and thousands vermicelli to complement the summer theme at your kid’s party.
                      • Don’t forget to stick a fancy umbrella topper for the perfect summer look.

                      Note: If you want more durable cups, you could use glass pedestal ones like we did. With younger kids however, you may want to avoid glass altogether. In which case, the ones here are made of plastic, while still sporting the summer theme. This makes them reusable.

                      16. Ice Cold Slush


                      Ice cold slush is an added hit at any kid’s summer party. It helps keep kids hydrated, especially during those super-hot summer days.


                        Slushie Machine

                        If you intend to serve slush at your kid’s summer party, you may need to get your hands on something like this, an affordable slush machine that you can enjoy during the rest of the summer.

                        What you need

                        How to serve

                        • Serve the colorful slush in individual cups, such as the ones suggeested above.

                        We have recommended plastic cups for serving slush at your kid’s summer party, as sometimes kids take long to eat it. However, these are slightly more expensive than the paper ones.

                          17. Candy, Lollipops and Marshmallows


                          What you need

                          • Get your hands on a selection of colorful sweets, lollipops and marshmallows

                          • Different-sized glass jars

                          • Candy bags (optional)

                          How to serve

                          • Empty the sweets into different jars for kids to pick and choose from.

                          Important Tip: If you want to avoid glass jars and wish to complete the summer look at your kid’s party, consider using small buckets instead.

                          Idea: Display the different jars with treats on the summer-themed food table and let the kids help themselves to the sweets they like and fill their own individual candy bag. They can eat some of the sweets at the party or take home to delight in later.

                          Important Tip: Whether you use the glass jars or the buckets, don’t forget to provide mini candy scoops for your guests to be able to pick the sweets they like. You don’t want everyone digging their hands in.

                          18. Summer-themed Cake and Cupcakes


                          Kids’ parties are never complete without a cake. A summer-themed kids’ party is no exception.

                          If you want to bake your own 4-layered colorful summer cake for your kid that’s easy and fun to make, get the full instructions in our article Cake And Cupcakes For Your Kid’s Summer Party. (Coming soon)

                          We promise to take you step-by-step so you achieve the desired result, even if baking cakes is far from your full-time job.

                            Drinks Ideas For A Kids’ Summer Party


                            The main drink feature at your kid’s summer party should be water. Kids would need to stay well hydrated throughout the party. Keep in mind that they will be playing and moving about. The hotter the temperature, the more you need to ensure there’s plenty of water available.

                            Having said that, do prepare a selection of drinks, from juices to sodas. You could even experiment with different colors, simply by adding a tiny bit of food coloring to a colorless drink of choice, like Sprite.

                            Finally, make sure you complete the summer-themed look by getting your hands on these free downloadable summer-themed bottle labels. If you would rather have them personalized, you can get them here.

                            If you fancy and your budget allows it, provide a choice of silly curly straws in the summer theme. Kids can even take these home once the party is over and continue enjoying them for weeks after the party.

                            Check our Easy Mocktails For A Kids’ Party for some extra fun and easy to make non-alcoholic drinks.

                              Easy Mocktails For A Kids’ Party

                              Easy Mocktails For A Kids’ Party

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                              Final thoughts on fun and easy kids’ summer party food

                              More Ideas For A Summer-Themed Party

                              Preparing food for a summer kids’ party shouldn’t be an arduous task. To make the process easier for you, we have come up with the perfect list of savory and sweet food items that are both fun and easy to make.

                              Most items featured in this article are light, colorful and refreshing, which means they are the perfect go-to foods for the hot summer months. The list has been tried-and-tested, so we know for a fact that it will be a success.

                              Thanks to our step-by-step instructions, you will find details on what you need, as well as, how to prepare and serve each item.

                              Even though we have listed 18 food items that qualify for a summer kids’ party, you need not prepare and serve them all. Instead, choose those that you think most of your young guests will like, depending on their age, the time of day the party is going to take place and how hot the weather is.

                              Should you decide to have accompanying parents present and wish to serve them food as well, we have clearly highlighted the ones that would work perfectly well.

                              With all the options available, we are positive that your kid’s summer-themed party will be a winner and that you will be congratulated on the choice of food on offer.

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