Easy Summer Party Decorations

by Ann Mifsud


It’s all about flamingoes, watermelons, pineapples, sunglasses, beach balls, ice-lollies and a lot of excitement that summer is here. You can create gorgeous summer party decorations in the backyard of your home, just like we did for our daughter’s summer birthday party.

Follow this article step by step and you’ll have everything you need to decorate your party venue for a stunning summer party, even if you’re not celebrating a birthday but just the arrival of summer.

Start by visualizing your summer party decorations in these 9 key elements.

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We have decided on a summery color scheme using only 4 bright (though not shocking) colors. Keeping to a blue, pink, yellow and green, our summer party decorations looked pretty and at the same time well-organized


Here’s how we did it.

1. The Backdrop


Go for a plain yellow fabric as a background for all your decoration items. The main advantage with going plain, is that anything else you put over and above, will definitely stand out.

A yellow cloth is also versatile since you can use it over and over again for other party themes. You can use it for a neon-themed party or a Paw Patrol theme, to give two examples.

At the top of the backdrop we attached two green hawaian grass skirts.

2. The Main Pennant Banner


A main pennant banner is a must for every party theme in our opinion. It states what the event is all about. At the very least, you have two alternatives here.

Ready Made

If you’re particularly pressed for time, just buy this 10’ (3m) summer pennant banner.

Download Our Design

If you like our design, you can download it from down below. You just need to print the letters and numbers that you need, cut, run through a string and hang. We have also included instructions. (Coming soon)

3. Balloons

Colorful balloons must be included with your summer party decorations. Keep to the color scheme.

Latex balloons

For our daughter’s party we used, 12” latex balloons in bunches of 8 after filling them with just air.

Be careful not to set up your balloons too early, specifically in hot weather. Latex balloons deflate or even pop in warm conditions. Go to our full guide: How to keep balloons from deflating and popping.

Caution: Hang balloons as close to party time as possible, especially if it is going to be held outside in summery conditions. Air-filled latex balloons tend to start deflating as soon as they are hung, whilst helium-filled balloons tend to loose their lift.

You can add to the awesomeness of your summer party decorations by going for a balloon arch. You can buy a ready-to-go balloon arch kit or you can follow our guide to impressive balloon arches made at home.

Foil balloons

Foil balloons are also a good option, not just because they make the place look striking but because they can stay inflated for much longer especially if you’ll be setting up your summer party decorations in advance. These look amazing.

We have tested at length how long do balloons stay inflated and presented some quite interesting results in this guide.  We have also provided a free cheat sheet to help you decide how early you can set up your balloons in the heat of summer.

How Long Do Balloons Stay Inflated?

How Long Do Balloons Stay Inflated?

You can prepare most of your party decoration items from as much before as your schedule permits, especially if the celebration is going to be held indoors. There is one exception, however. Balloons.

Read more…

4. Inflatable Tubes


Though we have set up the summer party decorations for our daughter’s celebration in our own backyard, we still wanted to give the venue a look reminiscent to a summer party held by a pool.

So we went for these plain color inflatable 36” (90cm) tubes to achieve this look. We tied them to each other with some transparent fishing line to make them look as if they are hanging in air.


5. Swirls and Other Paper Decorations


We added some swirls, and other paper decorations, such as paper fans, lanterns, honeycomb and pom pom balls to make our summer party decorations look fuller and varied.

Honeycomb flamingoes and pineapples are also included in the paper decorations we bought. The end result was impressive.

6. The Table Cover


You have two options here. For our summer party we just pulled over the food table, the yellow background cloth and fastened it with some drawing pins.

Alternatively, you can place the table in front of the backdrop and cover it either with a plain cloth table cover or a plastic one.

The main advantage of a plain color table cover is that the items you place on it will surely stand out. Plastic covers are very practical when it comes to cleaning up. Having said that, if you want to have the best of both worlds you can use the cloth cover for the food display table and have the tables where your guests will be eating and drinking with the plastic ones.

7. Triangle Flag Banner


A smaller triangle flag banner looks awesome when attached round your food table. Download our free triangle flag banner template below.

8. Tableware


Summer-themed tableware is also essential to achieve a complete lovely summer party.

You can choose plain bright colored tableware items. The list should include:

You can instead purchase a complete summer party pack (serves 16), which includes also a plastic table cover and cutlery.

9. Fairy Lights


If you want to add magic to your summer party decorations at sundown, you should definitely get your hands on some fairy lights.

Keep this feature as a surprise to the party boy or girl and to all your young guest. With us it was a blast.

Summer Party Decorations: Wrapping Things Up

A carefully planned summer party will certainly go down well with young kids and with older ones. Summer party decorations are key to achieve such a success.

In this article we have shared with you our 9 essential key elements to summer party decoration ideas. It includes everything we prepared to decorate our yard for our daughter’s 11th birthday.

In addition, we are also sharing with you for free an original triangle flag banner. You just need to download it, print it and cut it out.

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Hi I'm Ann

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