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It’s a chilly winter evening, and the holiday spirit is in full swing. As a parent, I’m always on the lookout for creative ways to make the season magical for my kids. One tradition that has become an absolute favorite in our household is the Candy Cane Scavenger Hunt.

Let me take you on a journey of how this delightful adventure has turned ordinary winter nights into extraordinary, laughter-filled memories with my little ones.

1. Preparing For Candy Cane Scavenger Hunt

Getting ready for our candy cane scavenger hunt was so much fun! 

I started by thinking about different spots in our home where the excitement could unfold. From our comfy living room and the backyard filled with possibilities to the bustling kitchen and the cozy bedrooms, each area was a potential treasure trove for sweet surprises. 

What made it even more special was that I personally crafted the clues. I wanted these clues to be perfect for the kids, designed to spark their curiosity and guide them from one candy cane treasure to the next. The best part? I’ll be sharing these carefully crafted clues in this free printable.

Safety was a priority, so I made sure the challenges were perfect even for my little one. And, of course, the real stars of the show—the candy canes—were strategically hidden, waiting to be discovered at every turn.

2. Where To Hide Candy Canes

Living Room

Transform your living room into a magical wonderland. Hide candy canes among the cushions, behind curtains, on book shelves or under the coffee table.


If weather permits, take the hunt outdoors to your backyard. Tuck candy canes in bushes and hang them on branches.


The heart of your home can also be the center of the scavenger hunt. Place candy canes behind cereal boxes, in the cookie jar, or on pantry shelves.


Make bedrooms part of the adventure. Hide candy canes in closets, under pillows, or even attach them to the bedroom doorknobs.

Christmas Tree

Hang candy canes on branches, place them in gift boxes under the tree, or hide them in the tree skirt.


Even the bathroom can be part of the fun. Hide candy canes in bathroom cabinets, behind shower curtains, or even inside the toothpaste drawer.

Window Sills

Utilize windowsills to perch candy canes with a view. It adds a charming touch and allows participants to enjoy the hunt both indoors and outdoors.

Laundry Room

If you have a laundry room, make it part of the hunt. Tuck candy canes behind detergent bottles, or on the clothesline.


3. Free Printable Candy Cane Scavenger Hunt Clues

You could simply hide the candy canes when the children are not present and commence the hunt when the time is right. Nonetheless, I elevated the excitement level of the activity by providing my kids with these carefully crafted clues.  Download them for free here.


Clue 1

In winter’s embrace, I’m hanging with care,

Look near the warmth, where stockings pair.

Wrapped in stripes of red and white,

Find me there to start your delight.

Clue 2

Where presents gather, I make my stand,

A symbol sweet in Santa’s grand plan.

Check under the tree, don’t be shy,

The next candy cane is nearby.

Clue 3

In the kitchen, where cookies are baked,

Among the utensils, I’m not faked.

Stirring the cocoa or stirring the batter,

Find me there, it’s a sweet matter.

Clue 4

After the feast, where dishes are done,

I hang with joy, glinting like the sun.

In the room where family cheers,

Your next clue awaits, allaying your fears.

Clue 5

Among the books and tales untold,

I’m tucked in pages, not too old.

A cozy nook, where stories unfold,

Your next candy cane, its story is bold.

Clue 6

Upstairs or down, I can be found,

Where sleep is sweet, dreams unbound.

Pillows and blankets, a haven of rest,

Seek me out for the candy quest.

Clue 7

Where music plays and notes take flight,

I’m hidden well, but in plain sight.

Instruments hum, melodies flow,

Your candy cane awaits below.

Clue 8

On the threshold, where guests arrive,

Among decorations that festive vibes.

Wreaths and garlands, a welcoming sight,

Your candy cane is in the spotlight.

Clue 9

Where the outdoors beckon, in winter’s cold,

Search where snowmen and sleds are strolled.

Near the door where boots find rest,

Your candy cane hides at its best.

Clue 10

At the end of the journey, your hunt is done,

Look where you relax, maybe have some fun.

A cozy spot, a favorite chair,

Your final candy cane is waiting there.

4. What Do Candy Canes Represent? 

Understanding the symbolism behind candy canes adds significant value to activities like the scavenger hunt, enabling us to impart values to our children that extend beyond the thrill of festivities.

According to Time, “the sweet is a symbol of Christianity. One legend suggests that an Indiana-based candymaker shaped the peppermint stick into a “J” shape to represent Jesus, with the white stripe symbolizing the purity of his birth and the red stripe later added to acknowledge the blood he shed on the cross.”

I would explain this symbolism to my nine-year-old as follows:

Each part of a candy cane tells a special story about Jesus. The hard candy is like Jesus being strong and dependable, like a rock.

The yummy peppermint flavor reminds us of the spices the wise men gave to Jesus. The white color shows that Jesus is pure and never does anything wrong. The letter “J” stands for Jesus, our special Savior.

The cane shape is like the staff that shepherds use to take care of sheep, and Jesus is like our Good Shepherd. The red color is for God’s love, so big that Jesus gave his life for us on the cross.

So, every time you have a candy cane, it’s like a sweet reminder of how much Jesus loves us!

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Final Thoughts About Candy Cane Scavenger Hunt

As the wintry nights embrace us and the festive fervor fills our homes, I’m glad I’ve shared a treasured tradition that has woven magic into our family’s holiday season—the candy cane scavenger hunt. 

May the hunt for hidden candy canes bring joy, giggles, and moments of wonder to your homes, creating cherished memories that sparkle in the tapestry of your family traditions this holiday season. Here’s to successful hunts and heartwarming moments with your little ones!

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