90s Food, Drinks And Cake Ideas For A Memorable Party

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Are you planning a kids’ party and looking for a nostalgic theme? Look no further than the 90s! With its vibrant colors, iconic snacks, and memorable drinks, the 90s provides the perfect inspiration for a fun and unique party. 

    In this article, we’ll share the ultimate 90s party food, drinks, and cake ideas that will transport you and your guests back to the decade of grunge and pop. From 90s-themed birthday cakes to classic 90s snacks and 90s candy, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to throw a party that will leave a lasting impression.

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      27 Bodacious Ideas For A Totally Rad 90s Theme Party

      27 Bodacious Ideas For A Totally Rad 90s Theme Party

      There’s no denying that the 90s were a decade of iconic fashion, unforgettable movies, and groundbreaking music which can be a perfect inspiration for an unforgettable party. 

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      Let’s explore some of the best 90s party food ideas and cake inspiration to help you create the perfect throwback party.

        1. 90s Snacks and Appetizers

        The 90s had an abundance of iconic snacks and candies that kids (and adults!) loved, from 3D Doritos to Fruit Roll-Ups. Here are the best 90s snacks and appetizers that are perfect for a kids’ party.

        Bagel Bites

        These bite-sized pizza bagels were a staple of any 90s party, perfect for satisfying your craving for both pizza and bagels.

        90s-snacks, 90s-food

        Buy Bagel Bites here or make your own with this recipe.

        Pizza Rolls

        The ultimate after-school snack, pizza rolls were a quick and easy way to enjoy the taste of pizza without having to order a whole pie.


        Make homemade pizza rolls.


        The iconic triangular chips from the 90s, especially the 3D version, were a favorite among snack lovers with their bold flavors and satisfying crunch.


        Get Doritos 3d for your 90s party


        These cheesy puffs were the go-to snack for anyone looking for a deliciously messy and indulgent treat in the 90s.


        Buy Cheetos.

        Fruit Roll-Ups

        These colorful and fruity snacks were a must-have in any lunch box in the 90s, and they were just as fun to play with as they were to eat.


        Buy Fruit Roll-Ups here or make your own with this recipe.


        The ultimate snack for dipping lovers, Dunkaroos came in a variety of flavors and were perfect for any 90s kid’s lunchbox or party spread.


        Shop for Dunkaroos.

        Pigs in a Blanket

        These bite-sized snacks, consisting of mini hot dogs wrapped in dough, were a classic addition to any 90s party spread and always a hit with both kids and adults alike.


        Here’s how to make Pigs in a blanket.

        2. Main Dishes For 90s Parties

        These 90s themed party food ideas will take your guests on a nostalgic journey through the decade. From the comforting flavors of Hamburger Helper and Beef Stroganoff to the kid-friendly favorites like Chicken Nuggets and Mac and Cheese, these dishes will be a hit with both kids and adults alike.

        Spaghetti and Meatballs

        Spaghetti and Meatballs were a staple in 90s themed party food, as it was both delicious and easy to prepare.


        Discover the recipe right on this page!

        Hamburger Helper

        Hamburger Helper was a popular main dish during the 90s, providing a quick and easy meal for busy families.


        Access the recipe by clicking this link.

        Beef Stroganoff

        Beef Stroganoff was a classic comfort food that graced many 90s party food tables.


        You can find the recipe here on this site.

        Sloppy Joes

        Sloppy Joes were a hit at any 90s themed food gathering, offering a fun and messy experience for all.


        Explore the recipe on this page.

        Chicken Nuggets

        Chicken Nuggets were a favorite among 90s kids, often served at birthday parties and playdates.


        Here’s how to make homemade chicken nuggets.

        Mac and Cheese

        A classic and beloved dish that was a popular 90s party food idea for both kids and adults.


        The recipe can be found within this article.

        Taco Salad

        Taco Salad was a go-to 90s themed party food, offering a delicious and festive twist on a classic dish.


        Click here to see the recipe.

        Shepherd’s Pie

        A hearty and satisfying meal, was often enjoyed at 90s family dinners and gatherings.


        Learn how to make it with the recipe provided here.

        Veggie Burgers

        A healthier alternative to traditional burgers, were a popular 90s food choice for vegetarians and health-conscious individuals.


        We love this veggie burger recipe.

        3. Desserts From The 1990s

        From the iconic Hostess Cupcakes and Twinkies to the classic Oreo Cookies and Rice Krispie Treats, these desserts will bring back fond memories of childhood for the parents and introduce the younger generation to some classic treats from the 90s.


        Viennetta ice cream was the epitome of 90s sophistication and indulgence.


        Hostess Cupcakes

        Hostess Cupcakes were a staple in every kid’s lunchbox in the 90s.



        Twinkies were a sweet and creamy snack that every 90s kid adored.


        Oreo Cookies

        Oreo Cookies were the ultimate 90s milk-dunking dessert.


        Rice Krispies Treats

        Rice Krispies Treats were a simple but delicious 90s dessert that still holds a special place in our hearts.


        Chocolate Pudding Cups

        Chocolate Pudding Cups were a convenient and satisfying 90s dessert that we still crave today.


        Snack Pack Pudding Cups

        Snack Pack Pudding Cups were a lunchtime treat that made 90s kids’ days a little sweeter.


        Chocolate Fondue

        Chocolate Fondue was a 90s party dessert that added a touch of elegance and fun to any gathering.


        4. 90s Candy Nostalgia

        Step back in time to the sweetest era of the ’90s with a nostalgic candy buffet for your kids’ party. Let them experience the same sugar rush that you once had with classic treats that defined the decade.

        From sour Pop Rocks to Fruit Roll-ups, the 90s candy nostalgia is sure to take your guests down memory lane. Indulge in the sugary goodness of 1990s candy, and relive the magic of childhood memories with this blast from the past.

        Ring Pops

        Ring Pops were a quintessential 90s candy that allowed kids to show off their stylish bling.


        Pop Rocks

        Pop Rocks were a popular 90s candy that provided a unique and explosive sensory experience for anyone who tried them.


        Fruit Roll-ups

        Fruit Roll-ups were a beloved 90s treat that let kids play with their food while satisfying their sweet tooth.



        Chewits were a fruity 90s candy that were perfect for satisfying a craving on the go.



        Jawbreakers were a classic 90s candy that promised to last forever, or at least until your tongue was sore.


        Black Jacks

        Black Jacks were a licorice-flavored 90s candy that divided candy lovers into either loving or hating them.



        Nerds were a crunchy 90s candy that provided a satisfying and fun snacking experience.


        Opal Fruits (Starburst)

        Opal Fruits, now known as Starburst, were a fruity 90s candy that came in a variety of flavors and were perfect for sharing with friends.


        Push pops

        Push pops were a fun and colorful 90s candy that made it easy to enjoy a sweet treat without getting your hands sticky.


        Colorful lollipops

        Colorful lollipops were a classic 90s candy that came in a variety of shapes and sizes, perfect for sharing or hoarding.


        5. 90s Themed Non-Alcoholic Drink Ideas

        While alcohol might not be on the menu at a kids’ party, there were plenty of popular non-alcoholic drinks in the 90s that are sure to bring back memories for adults and introduce kids to some nostalgic drinks of their own.

        Some popular 90s drinks non-alcoholic options include Fruitopia, Capri Sun, Sunny Delight, Hi-C Ecto Cooler, and Tang. These 90s kids’ drinks are sure to be a hit with the young ones and bring back fond memories for the adults in attendance.

        Capri Sun was a staple at 90s kids’ parties, with its convenient pouch packaging and refreshing fruity flavors.

        Hi-C Ecto Cooler, a green-colored drink with a citrus flavor, was a popular non-alcoholic drink in the 90s and was even featured in the movie Ghostbusters.

        Surge Soda was a beloved drink among 90s kids, known for its high caffeine content and bold citrus taste.

        Tang was a powdered drink mix that was popular in the 90s and often associated with astronaut and space travel.

        Sunny Delight, a juice drink with a tangy citrus flavor, was a popular 90s drink for kids and often marketed as a healthier alternative to soda.

        Kool-Aid Jammers were a favorite 90s drink for kids with their fun pouch packaging and fruity flavors.

        Crystal Pepsi, a clear cola released in the 90s, was a unique and memorable addition to the non-alcoholic drink scene.

        Squeezits were a fun and colorful drink option for 90s kids, with their twist-off tops and various fruity flavors.

        6. 90s Theme Cake Ideas

        A 90s theme cake can tie the whole party together and make it a memorable experience for everyone. From classic bright colors and geometric shapes to popular icons and symbols of the decade, there are endless possibilities when it comes to 90s theme cake ideas.

        Whether you’re looking for a 90s birthday cake or a cake for any other occasion, a 90s-style cake can capture the fun and nostalgia of the decade. Think neon colors, geometric shapes, popular icons like cassette tapes or Tamagotchis, and even classic logos like the Nickelodeon splat or the MTV logo.

        With the right 90s theme cake ideas, you can create a cake that’s both visually appealing and delicious. From funfetti cake to chocolate cake with neon icing, there are plenty of ways to make your 90s party cake stand out.

        Find a showcase of 90’s themed cakes in 55 of the Best 90s Cake Ideas for any Birthday Celebration

        55 of the Best 90s Cake Ideas for any Birthday Celebration

        Conclusion To 90s Food, Drinks And Cake Ideas For A Memorable Party

        In conclusion, throwing a 90s themed party for kids can be a fun and nostalgic way to celebrate a special occasion.

        From the classic 90s snacks and candy to the beloved non-alcoholic drinks and 90s themed cakes, there are endless possibilities to make the party a blast from the past.

        So gather your scrunchies, neon shirts, and Game Boys, and get ready to transport your guests back to the decade of grunge and boy bands with these 90s party food ideas.

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