Best 7 Tips To Transport Balloons Safely

by Ann Mifsud


It can be quite a challenge to transport inflated balloons in order to get them undamaged and simultaneously preventing your cargo from interfering with your driving.

To transport balloons safely, remove anything from the car that occupies valuable space or that could damage the balloons. Do not fill the car with balloons in a way that they hinder safe driving. Carry the balloons in large balloon bags for extra safety, do not expose them to direct sunlight, switch on the car air-conditioner and close off all windows.

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Having said that, our first recommendation is to consider inflating your balloons where the party is going to be held. This can be quite an easy task if you plan a bit before, get some help – kids will love to help out here – and have the necessary equipment to get the job done quickly.

As to helium-filled balloons it will be also a doable task, if you are able to get your helium tank at home. Helium tanks, can be either bought or hired.

As part of party planning you need to know how much in advance you can have your balloons ready. Discover how long do balloons stay inflated, here. (Coming soon)

But if on the other hand, inflating your balloons on site is not an option for you, and you definitely must get them there already inflated, then follow these 7 tips to transport balloons safely…

1. Make space for the balloons

Before you leave to the store, make sure that your car is as empty as possible. Remove unnecessary items such as shopping bags or baby seats. These will take a lot of valuable space, especially if you’ll be transporting bigger balloons. Also, consider to take with you the least number of passengers.

2. Remove anything that can damage the balloons

Check if there is anything in the car that could puncture or damage in any way your balloons, and remove it or cover it with a piece of cloth or foam.

3. Check if bigger balloons can pass through your car doors

If you’ll be getting sizeable balloons, such as the jumbo 36” (90cm), verify that they could fit through the car doors. Rubber balloons’ size is calculated by measuring their approximate diameter when they are inflated.

Caution: Don’t try to squeeze in balloons that are larger that the opening of your car doors. You will damage them.

Just go for smaller balloons or ask someone who has a bigger vehicle to do the job for you. Consider asking the balloon company or shop to deliver the balloons for you if that makes it worth it.

Pro tip: You can still make impressive balloon arches at home using small balloons. Check out here to learn more.

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4. Know how many balloons can fit in your car

When it comes to number of balloons do not overdo it.

So, how many balloons can fit in a car, you may ask? Obviously, the size of the car and the dimensions of the balloons you’re transporting, makes a big difference.

Here’s how many balloons you can safely transport taking into account their size and how big is your car. Kindly note that the figures below are approximate. Not all cars in the same categories have the exact amount of cargo space.

Hatchbacks and Mini SUV’s

A hatchback or mini SUV can hold up to 60 standard 11” rubber balloons with the back seat folded down to a flat position. It is best if these balloons are first put in balloon bags or normal trash bags before stacking them in your car.

Between 3 to 4 big 24” latex balloons can be transported safely in the same kind of vehicles.

On the other hand, you can only transport 2 jumbo 36” balloons in a car boot with the backseat of hatchback or mini SUV laid down.

Midsize and Large SUV’s

Midsize and large SUV’s can hold up to 120 standard 11” or 12” rubber balloons with the back seat folded down to a flat position.

Between 5 to 7 big 24” latex balloons can be transported safely in the same kind of vehicles.

Contrastingly, 3 to 4  jumbo 36” latex balloons can be put in a midsize or large SUV car boot with the backseat in a flat position, without doing any damage to them.

The table below shows how many balloons you can safely transport in a hatchback or a mini SUV and a medium or large SUV with the backseat placed down.

11" (28cm) Rubber Balloons
24" (60cm) Rubber Balloons
36" (90cm) Rubber Balloons
Hatchbacks and Mini SUV’s
50 to 60
3 to 4
1 to 2
Midsize and Large SUV’s
100 to 120
5 to 7
3 to 4

5. Protect balloons from heat and direct sunlight

Be careful not to expose your balloons to direct sunlight or heat. You risk causing your balloons to burst or deflate. Cars tend to trap heat inside especially in hot weather but also during cold days with sunshine. Keep the vehicle’s air conditioner on to keep the air cool whilst driving.

Check out how you can prevent balloons from deflating and popping here.

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6. Transport balloons in balloon bags

It is also advisable to carry your balloons in plastic bags. Make sure that any bags you use have some vent holes in them.

The inside of cars is notoriously known for the amount of dirt and hair they contain. Due to static electricity balloons pick up all of this. By placing your balloons in bags you’ll be keeping them clean. When transported in bags, balloons will also get less tangled and will not in any way keep you from driving safely.

Balloon bags are lightweight, high-density, plastic bags with small holes to let the air out for ease of transport. They are also re-useable. Alternatively, use trash bags with holes in them and you’ll get the same outcome. Some also recommend one big mattress bag to hold all your balloons together.

7. Keep balloons from interfering with safe driving

Keep the car windows closed while you’re driving to keep the balloons from floating around. In this manner they would not interfere with your driving.

Also make sure that helium-filled balloons are tied or weighed down to the bottom of the boot and backseat. Otherwise they will block your side and back view as they float to the car top.

Not filling your car to the brim with balloons and putting them in bags will also help you arrive to the party venue safely.

Tips to transport balloons safely in a nutshell

The issue of safety dealt within this article takes into consideration, both to arriving to the party venue harmlessly and, to getting the much awaited balloons in the best possible condition.

When transporting balloons, we recommend to prepare your vehicle from before, to free it from unwanted clutter and from objects that would damage the balloons.

In this article you can learn how many balloons, roughly speaking, can your car hold. You will also find tips on how to protect your balloons during the journey and how to make sure they would not hamper your ability to drive your car without causing any danger to anyone and yourself.

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