15 Types Of Balloons To Enchant Your Party Venue

by Ann Mifsud

Children and balloon decorations

Decorating a party venue with balloons may sound simple and straightforward, but is it really? Not if you want an over-the-top look at your loved one’s celebration.

When it comes to balloon decorations, the variety out there can make your head spin. Material, thickness, longevity, budget, color, size, shape, type, animated, personalized, chemical, eco friendly, are all important factors that need to come together synergistically in making the right choice for your venue to look gorgeous.

In this detailed review, we have gone through great lengths to make it easier for you to come up with the perfect balloon decor for any of your kids’ parties. Discover the abounding selection and variety of balloons and everything related to them. We promise you can turn your everyday party balloon decor into a stunning and creative work of art that wows guests, young and old.

1. Foil Balloons

colorful foil balloon picture

Made from a combination of metal and nylon, foil or mylar balloons sport some of the more lavish and elaborate designs. So if you’re considering a themed party for your kid, you may want to consolidate the look of your overall balloon decor with a handful of these.

Since they are less likely to deflate in the same rapid way as their latex counterparts, foil balloons can easily be prepared way ahead of party day. The downside of these mylar balloons is that they are much more expensive than the rubber (latex) ones. Consider having a combination of both materials if you want to pack the venue with balloons.

Foil balloons can be helium or air-filled. Keep in mind that if you’re going for the latter, you need to tie them to a balloon stick for them to stay upright. This is especially so if your balloons of choice show off a fancy character. You don’t want it looking upside down!

2. Latex balloons

Multicolored balloons group background of balloons

Latex balloons are the most common, well-known kind of balloons. They come in a great variety of shapes, colors and sizes, and are easily found in a great number of shops and not merely in shops selling party supplies.

Latex balloons are relatively inexpensive; thus making them the perfect option to turn a bare space into a most magnificent and colorful party venue. Furthermore, latex balloons are the eco-friendly alternative since they biodegrade within a few months after they are disposed of.

The main disadvantage of using latex balloons is their longevity. The minute they are inflated, they start a fairly rapid process of deterioration. Read on for some great tips on how to increase the longevity of latex balloons.

3. Helium balloons

Person filling helium balloon

Being lighter than air, helium is the appropriate gas with which to fill balloons for an above ground, floating-kind of balloon display. Because of this reason, helium-filled balloons, be they latex or foil, create an ever-enchanting atmosphere.

It is worth noting, however, that the very compostion of helium makes it easier for the gas to escape at a much quicker rate than air. The tiny atoms find their way out from between micro gaps in the balloon material.

Another disadvantage of using helium is that it is expensive compared to air-filled balloons. Typically, average-sized foil balloons cost $1 to $4 each. Similarly, an 11- inch latex balloon can cost between 50 cents and $1 to be helium-filled. Opting to buy or rent a helium tank is still a costly option.

Should you be interested in further reading, this article gives you ideas on optimizing the durability of your helium-filled balloons. Additionally, you can find over 10 solutions that illustrate how to get the most out of air-filled balloons by creating some fascinating party displays at a fraction of the price.

4. Metallic balloons

Color metallic balloons

Metallic balloons refer to foil or latex balloons that come with an-eye catching metallic shine. They are sometimes referred to as pearlized balloons, since they have a luminescence reminiscent of a pearl. This variety of balloons give that extra classy and elegant look to your party decor.

5. Number and Letter balloons

metallic balloons

Number and letter balloons give extra stimulus to any venue when added on to other balloon decor. Some of the more attractive number and letter balloons come in sizes up to 40 inches and so can easily make a statement in themselves. They come in all the colors under the sun.

Go for a block color, choose between one flaunting spots, hearts or a rainbow gradient, depending on the theme of your party. Consider a number balloon, showing off your kid’s age at his or her birthday party, in a color that matches your overall color scheme. Combine letter balloons to generate your child’s name. Make prominent the main purpose of the party you’re hosting, such as saying “Thank You”, “Happy Anniversary”, “It’s a Boy/Girl” or “Congratulations”.

Remember, both number and letter balloons need to be looking the right way up. For this reason, it is usually recommended that they are helium-filled. Still, there are creative ways of having these balloons air-filled and looking upright. Two most common solutions are using balloons stand kits or balloon sticky dots.

6. Bubble or Plastic balloons

large plastic balloons

These versatile sort of balloons are made from clear stretchy plastic that is not latex. Once bubble balloons are inflated they will form a flawlessly transparent, round beach-ball like decorative item.

These plastic balloons take the cake when it comes to longevity. Air-filled bubble balloons last 2 to 3 weeks. Helium-filled bubble balloons will stay afloat for approximately a week. Though they are not pop-proof, they are very resistant to outside pressures, making them a favorite at outdoor and indoor parties alike.

It is not recommended to use balloon treatments – such as Hi-float or Balloon Shine – with plastic balloons. (We’ll go into detail on when to use these treatments, here).

7. Confetti balloons


Confetti balloons make parties way more fun, at least that is our experience! These clear balloons can be bought ready-filled with star-shaped, heart-shaped or dot-shaped confetti, in your color scheme of choice. 

Confetti balloons can be both air or helium-filled. Once inflated, rub the outside of the confetti balloons against a piece of cloth to create static electricity, so that the confetti would stick to the inside of the balloons. (In this article, we will guide you how you can do confetti balloons at home).

Should you wish to, burst the balloons at a desired moment to create a stunning aura of confetti showers at your party. Whether you do this or not, confetti balloons command attention without being overly  extravagant. 

8. Character balloons

character balloons

Character balloons are the ideal add-on to you child’s themed party. There’s a huge variety out there, featuring the most popular children’s TV and movie characters, from princesses to dinosaurs, from cartoon characters that delight the little ones to superheroes admired by many youngsters. Character balloons are a fabulous way to surprise your kid and relatively speaking it will not cost you a fortune to get your hands on one.

9. Shape balloons


If you wish to depart from the usual tear-shaped traditional balloon, shape balloons are the natural alternative to go for. They come in a host of different shapes including square, round, star, diamond and heart-shaped. You can find animal shaped balloons, trophies, hot-air balloons, candy canes, rainbows and clouds. And the list goes on and on…

10. Giant and Life-size balloons

Giant, life-size balloons are usually over 4 feet (1.2 meters) tall and might even surpass the height of most of your young guests, thus making them awe-striking for many to see. Some of the most popular ones are the birthday cake balloon, the half rainbow balloon, the unicorn balloon, the star cluster balloon and the football goal post balloon. Be aware that many of these are not meant to be inflated with helium since they are designed to be set up from the ground upwards. Nevertheless, there are others, especially those featuring superheroes or shapes like donuts or stars, that can be filled with helium. Giant balloons start at just $10, but can go up to $40. It may be well worth it to check them out.

11. Cloud Buster (chloroprene) balloons


Chloroprene balloons or cloud-buster balloons are made of high quality latex and are some ten times stronger than normal latex balloons. They can resist the damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun, thus making them an ideal alternative for events held outdoors. Their sheer size will also make them an impactful item in your overall party decor. As with any other type of balloon their size is a determining factor when it comes to how long they can stay inflated. The bigger they are, the more their tendency to remain intact. For instance, a 4’ (1.2m) chloroprene balloon will stay inflated for roughly 4 to 5 days, while a 8’ (2.4) cloud buster will remain pumped up for about 18 to 21 days. These balloons can be air and helium-filled, but are not to be treated with any product that is used to prolong how much a normal latex balloon stays up.

12. Singing balloons

Singing balloons are a fun way to express your wishes, once they are inflated. Also referred to as sing-a-tune balloons, they are to be tapped to play a song or sound that matches the theme of the balloon. Case in point, you’ll hear Elsa singing “Let it go”, if you choose a Frozen themed balloon. Bear in mind, however, that the songs are normally just a one-liner. This may disappoint some individuals, who may consider it a waste of money. Coupled with this, it seems that they only play for approximately 50 times.

13. Personalized balloons

Personalized balloons can be both latex or foil balloons with a custom message, photo, logo or clip art printed on them. If you’re buying online, you can customize your balloons on the companies’ website. First you choose the balloon style, size and color; then you select the design and color to be printed on your balloon from the good number of options they have; subsequently, you enter the personalized message you wish to display on the balloon and finally confirm the design and order information, before you check out.

14. Self-inflating balloons

Self-inflating balloons are not commonly used to decorate a party venue, since their speciality is in seeing them inflate on their own. Thus during parties they are frequently used for entertainment. These self-inflating balloons contain baking soda and citric acid packed separately. When the balloon is hit in the middle, a bag with these two chemicals is burst, allowing them to react and form the carbon dioxide gas that is responsible for the inflation of the balloon.

15. Water balloons

Self inflating water balloons

You won’t be using water balloons to decorate your party venue, but as with self-inflating balloons, they are a great resource for party games and entertainment. They tend to be smaller than air and helium balloons, and they are usually made from a thinner material. Water balloons are designed to be thrown during games or playtime. They are to be filled up to the approximate the size of a baseball in a pear shape so that they can be hurled effortlessly. Self tying water balloons can be rapidly filled at the rate of 100 balloons per minute.

A concluding note about different kinds of balloons

Having a clear idea about the range of different balloons – 15 of them – you have at your disposal, creating that memorable setting for your child party will, from now on, be uncomplicated!

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