15 Sesame Street Party Games: Fun and Educational Activities for Kids

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Are you planning a Sesame Street-themed birthday party for your little one? Looking for fun and engaging Sesame Street party games? You’ve come to the right place! 

In this guide, we will provide you with a variety of exciting and educational Sesame Street birthday party games inspired by the beloved characters of this beloved series. These Sesame Street birthday games are designed to entertain the children while promoting learning and development. 

So, let’s dive into the world of Sesame Street and explore these entertaining and educational party game ideas that will make your child’s birthday celebration truly special!

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Sesame Street, has been entertaining and educating kids for generations. Its colorful cast of characters teaches valuable lessons about friendship, diversity, and problem-solving.

Hosting a Sesame Street-themed birthday party is a fantastic way to bring these lovable characters to life and create an unforgettable experience for young children.

1. Pin the Nose on Elmo

What you need

  • Poster of Elmo without a nose
  • Sticky notes with self-adhesive backing
  • Blindfold
  • Markers

Download free Elmo image at pngwing.com. (For personal use only.)


Discover how you can make life-size posters at home by visiting: How To Make A Fantastic DIY Cardboard Standee

How To Make A Fantastic DIY Cardboard Standee

How To Make A Fantastic DIY Cardboard Standee

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How to play Pin the Nose on Elmo

  • Hang the poster of Elmo on a wall at the children’s eye level.
  • Have each child write their name on a sticky note and place it on the back of the note.
  • Blindfold one child at a time, spin them around gently, and hand them a sticky note with Elmo’s nose.
  • The blindfolded child should try to stick the nose as close to Elmo’s face as possible.
  • The child who gets the closest wins!

This game enhances hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness while adding an element of excitement to the party.

And if you’re running out of time you can always get a ready-made Pin the nose on Elmo kit from Amazon.


2. Cookie Monster Bean Bag Toss


What you need

  • Large cardboard or foam board
  • Blue paint (and optional green)
  • Marker
  • Bean bags or small stuffed cookies

How to play Cookie Monster Bean Bag Toss

  • Paint the cardboard or foam board blue to resemble Cookie Monster’s face. You can also copy our design above for more excitement. Download free Cookie Monster image.
  • Draw a large circle on Cookie Monster’s mouth and another three around its face.
  • Place the board on the ground or secure it vertically.
  • Assign point values to different areas around the mouth, such as 10 points for landing inside the mouth and 5 points for landing in the circles around the mouth.
  • Have the children take turns throwing the bean bags or stuffed cookies into Cookie Monster’s mouth.
  • The child with the highest score wins!

This game improves hand-eye coordination and helps children develop their throwing skills while having a blast.

3. Oscar’s Trash Can Toss


What you need


How to play Oscar’s Trash Can Toss

  • Place the trash can at a suitable distance from the children.
  • Mark a starting line on the ground using masking tape.
  • Each child takes turns throwing the balls or bean bags into Oscar’s trash can.
  • The child who successfully tosses the most items into the trash can wins the game.

This game encourages aim and accuracy, and it’s a playful way to channel the mischievousness of Oscar the Grouch.

4. Big Bird’s Egg Relay


What You Need

  • Plastic spoons
  • Plastic eggs (one per child)
  • Start and finish lines (marked with tape or cones)

How to play Big Bird’s Egg Relay

  • Divide the children into teams.
  • Each child holds a plastic spoon with an egg on it.
  • When the game starts, the first child in each team balances the egg on the spoon and races to the finish line.
  • If the egg falls, the child must stop and place it back on the spoon before continuing.
  • Once the first child reaches the finish line, they pass the spoon and egg to the next team member.
  • The first team to complete the relay wins the game.

This game promotes teamwork, coordination, and balance, just like Big Bird and his precious eggs.

5. Counting with the Count


What you need

  • Large foam or cardboard numbers (1-10)
  • Sticky notes or Velcro dots
  • Blindfold

How to play Counting with the Count

  • Attach the foam or cardboard numbers to the wall or a board, jumbled up.
  • Blindfold one child at a time and hand them a sticky note or a Velcro dot with a number written on it.
  • The blindfolded child must find the corresponding number on the wall or board and stick their number to it.
  • The child who matches the most numbers correctly wins the game.

This game reinforces number recognition and counting skills while engaging with the Count’s love for numbers.

6. Ernie’s Rubber Duckie Race

sesame-street-party-games, sesame-street-birthday-party-games, sesame-street-birthday-games, sesame-street-party-game-ideas

What you need

  • Plastic inflatable pool or large basin
  • Rubber ducks (one per child)
  • Drinking straw (one per child)
  • Water

How to play Ernie’s Rubber Duckie Race

  • Fill the inflatable pool or basin with water.
  • Each child gets a rubber duck.
  • On the count of three, all children release their ducks into the water, they blow through a drinking straw to create air currents that move their ducks towards the finish line or a designated marker.
  • The first duck to reach the finish line or cross a designated marker wins the race.

This game combines the joy of water play with a friendly competition, inspired by Ernie’s beloved rubber duckie.

7. Bert’s Bottle Bowling

sesame-street-party-games, sesame-street-birthday-party-games, sesame-street-birthday-games, sesame-street-party-game-ideas

What you need

  • Empty plastic bottles (various sizes)
  • Soft ball

How to play Bert’s Bottle Bowling

  • Arrange the empty plastic bottles in a triangular formation at the end of a room or outdoor area.
  • Each child takes turns rolling the ball to knock down as many bottles as possible.
  • After each turn, reset the bottles and continue until each child has had a chance to play.
  • The child who knocks down the most bottles wins the game.

This game helps children develop their aiming and coordination skills while channeling Bert’s meticulousness.

8. Zoe’s Dance Party Freeze

What you need

  • Music player
  • Music playlist

How to play Zoe’s Dance Party Freeze

  • Create a playlist of Sesame Street songs or any kid-friendly tunes.
  • Play the music and have the children dance and groove to the beat.
  • At random intervals, pause the music and shout “Freeze!”
  • When the music stops, the children must freeze in whatever dance move they were doing.
  • Any child caught moving after the music stops is out of the game.
  • Continue playing until only one dancer remains.
  • He or she is the winner!

This game encourages creativity, coordination, and listening skills while incorporating Zoe’s love for dancing.

9. Abby Cadabby’s Magic Show

What you need

  • Assorted props (magic wands, scarves, playing cards, etc.)
  • Magic trick set for young kids
sesame-street-party-games, sesame-street-birthday-party-games, sesame-street-birthday-games, sesame-street-party-game-ideas

How to play Abby Cadabby’s Magic Show

  • Gather the children in a circle or seating area.
  • Assign one child to be the magician (Abby Cadabby) and provide them with props.
  • The magician performs simple magic tricks, such as making scarves disappear or pulling a rabbit out of a hat.
  • Encourage the other children to participate by clapping, saying magic words, or assisting with the tricks.
  • After the magician performs a trick, allow another child to become the magician and continue the show.

This game sparks imagination, creativity, and confidence while embracing Abby Cadabby’s magical world.

10. Grover’s Treasure Hunt

What you need

  • Small treasures or trinkets
  • Clues or riddles

How to play Grover’s Treasure Hunt

  • Hide small treasures or trinkets around the party area.
  • Create clues or riddles that lead the children from one hiding spot to another until they find the final treasure.
  • Hand out the first clue to the children and let the treasure hunt begin!
  • The child who finds the final treasure first wins the game.

Clues and riddles ideas for the living room

Here are some treasure hunt riddles specifically designed for a fun-filled adventure in the living room:

  • Riddle 1: “In a cozy place where family gathers, Search amidst the cushions and soft lathers. Look where comfort and relaxation bloom, Your first clue hides within this room.”

Answer: Inside the sofa or couch

  • Riddle 2: “In a corner where entertainment lies, Where laughter and movies harmonize. Search near a screen that brings delight, Your next clue awaits, shining bright.”

Answer: Near the television or entertainment center

  • Riddle 3: “Where games are played and laughter’s heard, A spot where fun events are stirred. Search near the shelves with treasures untold, Find the clue and be bold.”

Answer: Near the bookshelf or game shelf

  • Riddle 4: “Where memories dwell, captured in frames, A place where love and happiness claims. Search near the pictures hanging with pride, The next clue will soon be beside.”

Answer: Near the photo frames or family pictures

  • Riddle 5: “Where music fills the air with rhythm and beats, A spot where melodies and dancing meets. Search near the speakers that bring sound alive, Your next clue waits, ready to thrive.”

Answer: Near the stereo system or speakers

Clues and riddles ideas for the backyard

Here are some treasure hunt riddles specifically designed for an adventurous backyard treasure hunt:

  • Riddle 1: “Step outside and feel the sun’s embrace, Where nature’s beauty you can chase. Search near the place where flowers bloom, Your first clue awaits, ending the gloom.”

Answer: Near the flowerbed or garden

  • Riddle 2: “In a spot where laughter rings aloud, Where swings sway and friendships shroud. Search near a place where children play, Your next clue awaits, not far away.”

Answer: Near the swing set or playground

  • Riddle 3: “Where leaves whisper and trees stand tall, A place where shade provides a cool sprawl. Search near the spot where nature’s crown, The next clue can surely be found.”

Answer: Near a tree or tree trunk

  • Riddle 4: “Listen closely to nature’s sweet hum, In a place where birds and insects thrum. Search near the buzz where wings take flight, Your next clue is hidden in plain sight.”

Answer: Near a bird feeder or flower bush attracting insects

  • Riddle 5: “Where water splashes and playfulness gleams, A place where coolness meets sunny beams. Search near a pool or sprinkler’s delight, The next clue awaits, shining bright.”

Answer: Near the pool or sprinkler area

Feel free to modify or create additional riddles based on the unique features and layout of your home or party venue. Adapt them to the age group of the participants and provide hints as necessary.

This game promotes problem-solving, critical thinking, and exploration, inspired by Grover’s adventurous spirit.

11. Rosita’s Musical Chairs

What You Need

  • Chairs (one less than the number of children)
  • Music player
  • Music playlist

How to play Rosita’s Musical Chairs

  • Arrange the chairs in a circle, facing outward.
  • Play lively music and have the children walk or dance around the chairs.
  • When the music stops, the children must find a chair to sit on.
  • Remove one chair after each round.
  • The child left without a chair is out of the game.
  • Continue playing until only one child remains.
  • He or she will be the winner!

This game promotes listening skills, quick thinking, and adds a Mexican flair inspired by Rosita.

12. Snuffy’s Bubble Fun

What you need

  • Bubble solution
  • Bubble wands or bubble guns

How to play Snuffy’s Bubble Fun

  • Provide each child with a bubble wand or bubble gun.
  • Let the children blow bubbles and chase them around the party area.
  • Encourage them to create different shapes and sizes with the bubbles.

You can also organize a friendly bubble-blowing contest to see who can create the biggest bubble or the most bubbles within a certain time limit.

This game stimulates outdoor play, imagination, and sensory exploration, just like Snuffy’s love for bubbles.

13. Prairie Dawn’s Story Time

sesame-street-party-games, sesame-street-birthday-party-games, sesame-street-birthday-games, sesame-street-party-game-ideas

What you need

  • Children’s books (Sesame Street-themed or other age-appropriate books)
  • Seating area (blankets, cushions, or chairs)

How to play Prairie Dawn’s Story Time

  • Set up a cozy seating area with blankets, cushions, or chairs.
  • Choose a selection of Sesame Street-themed books or other age-appropriate books.
  • Take turns reading the stories aloud, engaging the children in the storytelling process.
  • Encourage the children to ask questions or participate by acting out the stories.
  • Make the storytime interactive and enjoyable for all!

This game promotes literacy, imagination, and a love for reading, inspired by Prairie Dawn’s passion for storytelling.

14. Super Grover Obstacle Course

What you need

  • Various obstacles (cones, hula hoops, tunnels, etc.)
  • Start and finish lines (marked with tape or cones)
  • Stopwatch (optional)

How to play Super Grover Obstacle Course

  • Set up an obstacle course using various obstacles and arrange them in a challenging but safe manner.
  • Divide the children into teams or have them compete individually.
  • Each child must navigate through the obstacle course as quickly as possible from the start to the finish line.
  • Time each child or team and record their completion times for a friendly competition.
  • The child or team with the fastest time wins!

This game promotes physical activity, agility, problem-solving, and perseverance, inspired by Super Grover’s heroic adventures.

15. Bert and Ernie’s Puzzles

What you need

How to play Bert and Ernie’s Puzzles

  • Set up multiple puzzles on tables or large flat surfaces.
  • Divide the children into small groups or pairs.
  • Each group or pair works together to solve a puzzle.
  • The first group or pair to complete their puzzle wins the game.

This game stimulates cognitive skills, teamwork, and patience, just like Bert and Ernie’s dynamic duo.

Final Thoughts About Sesame Street Party Games

Hosting a Sesame Street-themed party can be a delightful and educational experience for children.

By incorporating these fun and engaging Sesame Street party games inspired by the beloved characters, you can create a memorable event that combines entertainment with learning.

From interactive challenges to creative activities, there is something for every child to enjoy.

So, get ready to embark on an adventure with Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and all their friends at Sesame Street with these exciting Sesame Street party game ideas!

FAQs About Sesame Street Party Games

1. Can I use these party games for different age groups?


These party games can be adapted to suit different age groups by adjusting the difficulty level or adding variations.

For younger children, simplify the rules or provide more guidance, while older children might enjoy more challenging tasks.

2. Are these games suitable for indoor or outdoor parties?

Most of these games can be played both indoors and outdoors. Consider the space available and adapt the games accordingly.

Make sure to take safety precautions, especially when playing outdoor games.

3. How can I incorporate educational elements into these party games?

These party games already incorporate educational elements through various skills like counting, problem-solving, coordination, and literacy.

You can further enhance the educational aspect by discussing concepts related to the games and encouraging discussions or learning points throughout the activities.

4. Can I modify the games to fit a different theme?

Absolutely! These games can serve as a template for other themed parties as well. You can substitute the characters and adapt the rules to match the theme of your choice.

5. Where can I find Sesame Street-themed party supplies?

You can find Sesame Street-themed party supplies in party supply stores, online retailers, or through licensed Sesame Street merchandise sellers.

Check with local stores or search online for a wide selection of party decorations, tableware, and favors.

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