Video Game Party Activities: 7 Alternatives 


Are you itching to throw a super fun and engaging video game party for your little ones and their posse, but worried about the excessive screen time?

These 7 video game party activities provide a break from the usual button-mashing and offering a chance for your kids to explore the video game world in new and exciting ways.

Here is what to do at a video game party, without having to resort to having a bunch of kids staring at screens and hitting buttons.

We’ll give you the lowdown on each activity, with examples, tips, and suggestions to ensure that your child’s party is the talk of the town. Let’s get the party started!

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1. Video Game Movie Marathon

Youngsters will appreciate watching movies that are based on their favorite video games in addition to having a great time relaxing and watching some movies.

Popular video game movies like “Wreck-It Ralph,” “The Lego Movie,” “Sonic the Hedgehog,” “Pokemon Detective Pikachu,” and “Ratchet & Clank” are excellent choices for young kids.

These films include a ton of engaging characters, thrilling action sequences, and humorous narratives that are guaranteed to keep the youngsters interested and entertained.

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2. Video Game Crafts

With crafty projects, the kids will have a fantastic time expressing their creativity and making fun keepsakes to take home with them.

Pixelated Keychains

These are small, square keychains made out of perler beads. Kids can create any design they want, but pixelated designs that are inspired by video games such as Mario, Minecraft or Pokemon are popular choices.

Super Mario-themed Hats Or Headbands

Kids can create hats or headbands in the style of the characters from the game, such as the red and green Mario and Luigi hats or Princess Peach’s pink crown.

“Creeper” Rocks From “Minecraft”

Minecraft” is a popular video game that features a variety of pixelated characters, including the Creeper. Kids can paint rocks green and add a pixelated face to create a “Creeper” rock that can be used as a decoration or as a toy.

Perler Bead Creations

Perler beads are small, colorful beads that can be melted together to create a flat design. Kids can create a variety of designs using perler beads, such as Mario mushrooms, Pokemon characters, or Minecraft tools.

DIY Controller T-Shirts

Kids can create their own t-shirts with a controller design inspired by their favorite video games. This can be achieved by using fabric paint and stencils or by using a custom-made iron-on transfer.

Pac-Man Ghost Lanterns

Kids can create ghost-shaped lanterns inspired by the classic video game Pac-Man. These lanterns can be used as decorations for the party or can be taken home as a keepsake.

Donkey Kong Barrels Made Of Cardboard And Brown Paint

Kids can create Donkey Kong barrels using cardboard and brown paint. These barrels can be used for a game of “Barrel Toss” or can be used as a decoration.

Superhero Masks Made Of Felt Or Cardboard

Kids can create superhero masks out of felt or cardboard. These masks can be inspired by characters from video games, such as Sonic the Hedgehog or Spider-Man, or can be completely original designs. The masks can be used for dress-up play or can be taken home as a party favor.

3. Video Game Obstacle Courses

Video game obstacle courses are an absolute blast – they allow children to immerse themselves in the games they love and enjoy physical activity at the same time.

The obstacle courses can feature a variety of obstacles like jumping over boxes, crawling under ropes, and evading “enemy fire.”

Super Mario Obstacle Course

  • Jumping over obstacles
  • Collecting coins
  • Defeating Bowser at the end
  • Participants could jump over green pipes, crawl through a tunnel, and then climb a ladder to reach the end of the course.

Backyard Angry Birds Obstacle Course

  • Launching stuffed birds at cardboard cutouts of pigs to knock them over, just like in the popular game.
  • Building structures out of boxes and having participants knock them down with the birds.

Legend of Zelda Obstacle Course

  • Climbing over walls
  • Crawling through tunnels
  • Solving puzzles to progress
  • Using foam swords to defeat a cardboard cutout of Ganon

Donkey Kong Country Obstacle Course

  • Swinging on ropes
  • Jumping over barrels
  • Navigating through a maze of boxes
  • Hitting a cardboard cutout of Donkey Kong with foam bananas

Sonic The Hedgehog Obstacle Course

  • Racing through a course filled with loops, ramps, and obstacles
  • Collecting gold rings
  • Dodging cardboard cutouts of Dr. Eggman

These courses are not only fun and interactive but also encourage physical activity and creativity.

4. Video Game-Themed Costumes

When it comes to a video game-themed party for kids, costumes can add an extra layer of fun and excitement.

Super Mario Costume

  • Use red t-shirts and hats, along with blue overalls and white gloves.
  • Use black felt to create Mario’s mustache and glue it onto their face.
  • For Luigi, swap the colors to green.

Pokemon Trainer Costume

  • Use a white t-shirt and blue jeans as the base.
  • Accessorize with a red and white cap, black fingerless gloves, and a backpack.
  • Use a cardboard box to make a pokeball and carry it around with them.

Sonic The Hedgehog Costume

  • Use a blue hoodie and red sneakers as the base.
  • Use white fabric paint or felt to make Sonic’s belly and spikes, and attach them to the hoodie.
  • For a Tails costume, use a yellow hoodie and attach two tails made of fabric or felt to the back.

Legend Of Zelda Costume

  • Use a green tunic and brown boots as the base.
  • Accessorize with a brown belt, a toy sword and shield, and a green hat with Link’s iconic pointy ears.

Fortnite Costume

  • Use a camo shirt and pants as the base.
  • Accessorize with a toy pickaxe, a backpack, and a bandana over the mouth.
  • For a more specific Fortnite character costume, research the character’s outfit and accessories and recreate them as accurately as possible.

5. Video Game Trivia Night

When it comes to hosting a video game-themed trivia night, the first step is to decide on the theme or focus. Will it be a broad range of video games or a specific genre, console, or franchise?

Once the theme is decided, it’s time to gather the questions. It’s important to ensure that the questions are appropriately challenging, with a mix of easy, medium, and difficult questions.

We have made ready for you some 100 trivia questions with answers. Go to 100 Video Game Trivia Questions And Answers. (Coming soon)

6. Board Games Based On Video Games

Though you may not want the kids to stay quiet on a table during a party we still thought that for some these may be a good alternative. Here’s a comprehensive list you can grab from Amazon:

7. Video Game-Themed Cooking

Recipes inspired by video games can be a fun way to bring gaming and cooking together.

For example, a Pac-Man fruit platter can be made by cutting various fruits like watermelon, oranges, and kiwis into small, circular pieces, arranging them on a platter, and adding a marshmallow ghost or two.

For your inspiration, we have compiled a list of party food items that kids will enjoy doing at this kind of party.

Super Mario Bros Treats

Mushroom cupcakes, star-shaped sugar cookies, and 1-up mushroom pizzas.

Pokemon Food Items

Pikachu popsicles, pokeball-shaped sushi, and Bulbasaur veggie trays.

Minecraft Sweets And Savories

Creeper juice (lime sherbet and lemon-lime soda), gold nugget chocolates, and diamond pickaxe sandwiches.

Legend of Zelda Yummies

Triforce sugar cookies, rupee candy (made with rock candy and green food coloring), and Lon Lon Ranch milkshakes.

Sonic The Hedgehog Party Food

Chili dog sliders, Sonic’s onion rings, and Chaos Emerald fruit salad.

Donkey Kong Food Ideas

Banana pudding cups, barrel-shaped pretzels, and Dixie Kong’s peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Pac-Man Candy

Ghostly cupcakes (with fondant ghosts), Pac-Man fruit skewers, and Pac-Dots (candy-coated chocolates).

Conclusion to Video Game-Themed Party Activities

As we come to a close, video game-themed activities are a great way to engage youngsters while enhancing their creativity, academic ability, and social skills.

There are several options, like making video game-themed costumes, holding quiz evenings, and creating delectable sweets. You can strengthen your relationship with your kids while teaching them useful life skills like problem-solving, cooperation, and critical thinking by engaging them in these activities.

Throughout this article, we’ve shared a variety of video game-themed activities to inspire you and your children. We’ve covered creating costumes for beloved characters like Mario, Link, and Pikachu, and fun art projects like Minecraft wall art and The Incredibles glider.

We’ve also touched on hosting a video game-themed trivia night and cooking up tasty treats based on video games.

All of these activities are engaging and fun ways to help your child grow and develop new skills.

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