Dinosaur Party Food: Roaring Fun For Dino Enthusiasts


Planning a dinosaur-themed party for your little one? I’ve been there, and I’ve got you covered with some fantastic ideas for dinosaur party food that will have those young paleontologists in your life roaring with delight. 

From awe-striking Brontosaurus burgers and T-Rex eggs to imaginative Volcano cupcakes and Dino footprint cookies, I will be showcasing an assortment of culinary delights that will whisk your young guests away to the Jurassic era.

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Let’s get started.

Dinosaur-themed Snacks and Appetizers

I started the party with some fun and tasty snacks to set the mood. 


Image: learnwithplayathome.com

1. Herbivore cups

Take the mini plastic shot glasses and fill them with your favorite creamy hummus. Insert the vegetable sticks into the hummus-filled shot glasses. Arrange them in a visually appealing way, and let some sticks stand upright while others lean casually. I first found this idea at learnwithplayathome.com.


Image: momables.com

2. Carnivore sandwiches

I also whipped up some carnivore sandwiches. These scrumptious delights featured ham, cheese, and fresh lettuce between slices of bread.

To give them a dino-twist, I used a dinosaur-shaped cookie cutter, turning ordinary sandwiches into a fun and tasty treat that had the kids roaring with delight.

I got this idea from Laura of momables.com. And here’s the sandwich cutter…


Image: mrsmaiasaura.com

3. Pterodactyl wings

Additionally, I served up some Pterodactyl Wings. These were chicken wings with a spicy kick. 

They were a hit at the party, appealing to both kids and adults with their flavorful zing, adding an extra level of excitement to the menu.

Find the full recipe at mrsmaiasaura.com

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Main Course Ideas for a Dinosaur Party

Shifting the focus to the heart of the party, I went for these ideas. 

4. Brontosaurus burgers

For the main course, I decided to go with something that would delight both the taste buds and the imagination – Brontosaurus burgers.

I started with regular burgers, but the fun began when I gave them that cute dino twist and cut them with a large bronto-shaped cookie cutter. With a quick press, the burger patties transformed into adorable brontosaurus shapes. Get the full recipe from where I found the idea for the name of this item: slurrp.com.

The kids were thrilled to see these friendly dino burgers on their plates.

I love these dinosaur cookie cutters by Ann Clark.


5. Dinosaur nuggets

Then I tried my hand at making homemade Dino nuggets following this fantastic YouTube tutorial.

The process involved grinding chicken to create bite-sized dino shapes, which added a playful twist to a classic recipe. 

I prepared a spicy chili crisp barbecue sauce, giving the nuggets a delightful kick. After breading these adorable dino-shaped delights, I fried them to a perfect, crispy golden brown. 

The result? An absolute hit at my dino-themed party – flavorful, creative, and a ton of fun!

6. T-Rex eggs

I stumbled upon this other YouTube video with a unique recipe – T-Rex eggs.

These homemade delights turned out to be a perfect combination of creaminess, crunchiness, and downright deliciousness. 

I couldn’t resist giving them a try, and they’ve quickly become a must-try homemade dish in my kid’s dino party food selection. The blend of textures and flavors in these T-Rex eggs is simply irresistible.

Fossil chips

To complement the T-Rex eggs, I served a platter of Fossil chips. These were simply regular potato chips arranged to resemble ancient fossils. The combination of these imaginative snacks added an extra layer of excitement to the party.


Image: vettapasta.com.au

7. Dino pesto pasta

I also prepared a delightful batch of Dino pesto pasta using a straightforward method I found at: vettapasta.com.au.

After cooking the dinosaur-shaped pasta to perfection, I crafted a vibrant pesto with spinach, basil, cashews, and halved cherry tomatoes.

This pasta dish was not only delicious but also another charming addition to our dino-themed menu.

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Dinosaur Desserts and Sweet Treats

No party is complete without desserts, and at our dinosaur-themed party, we got really creative. 


Image: fun365.orientaltrading.com

8. Volcano cupcakes

Serve Volcano cupcakes with red icing flowing down like lava. I found a good recipe by Michelle Stuart.

These cupcakes are easy to make, requiring no cake-decorating skills. Using a simple cake mix, I added a lava effect using red and orange chocolate candy melts. 

They were not only delicious but also visually captivating.


Image: sandiego.com

9. Dino footprint cookies

Using toy dinosaurs, we made footprints in sugar cookies, creating a fun treat. Plus, you can fill the footprints with melted chocolate or add colorful sprinkles to make them even more delightful. 

Follow a good recipe for these cookies at sandiegofamily.com.


10. Watermelon dinosaur teeth

These watermelon delights not only add a playful and visually captivating touch to your dino-themed desserts but also bring a healthy twist to the party.

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Creative Dinosaur Beverages

Quench the kids’ thirst with some fun and imaginative drinks. 


Image: parentingtogo.ca

11. Dinosaur mocktail

This dinosaur mocktail recipe is perfect for a dino-themed kids’ party. This delightful and refreshing beverage is a playful addition to your dino-themed festivities. 

The recipe, which I discovered at Parenting to Go, promises to be a hit with young partygoers.

12. Dinosaur Punch

To whip up a fantastic dinosaur punch, I’ve got a simple and fun recipe. All you need are some lemon-lime soda, sherbet, and a handful of gummy dinosaurs.

First, take a large punch bowl. Scoop a generous amount of sherbet into it – the choice of flavor is up to you.

Then, pour in the lemon-lime soda, and watch as it fizzes and foams, creating a prehistoric potion.

To make it even more playful, toss in some gummy dinosaurs to swim around in the punch.


13. Fossil Fizz

I love making this fizzy concoction. All you need is your favorite fruit juice and some sparkling water. 

Just mix the two in equal parts, and you’ll have a bubbly, flavorful drink that’s not only delicious but also adds a bit of effervescence to the party.

Final Thoughts About Dinosaur Party Food

In conclusion, when it comes to hosting a memorable dinosaur-themed celebration, it’s all about the details, especially when it comes to dinosaur party food. 

From adorable Brontosaurus burgers to creative Dino nuggets and playful Dino pesto pasta, I have shared with you ample culinary delights that will transport your young guests back to the Jurassic era.

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