Best 13 Camo Party Games And Activities

by Ann Mifsud


A camouflage party theme gives you so much flexibility when it comes to party games and activities that it makes this kind of party a natural choice for those looking to have a celebration that is fun and different.

Camo party games and activities can range from quiet sit-down ones to competitive, more adventurous pursuits, from adaptations of classic well-known games to fun games that involve some creative thinking.

Well, we’ve done all the work for you and compiled these best 15 camo party games and activities, describing all along the things you need to prepare (if any) and how to do these activities with the children.

They are presented in an age-appropriate order, starting with camo party games that are fit for the little ones, progressing to games and activities that are more suitable for teenagers. Some would obviously fall somewhere in between. It is then up to you to choose from our extensive list, which camo party games and activities are best for your guests.

Here’s what to do at a camouflage themed party…

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Let’s start with the first of the camo party games…

1. Defending Fort Camo

A great active game for the little ones that involves some craft work, Defending Fort Camo is an excellent activity to start with at a camo-themed party.

What you need

How to play

  • Give each child a box, tissue paper and glue.
  • Ask the children to glue the camo papers to the cardboard boxes, so that the latter would be covered as much as possible in camo style.
  • Use camo tape if you see that any of the kids are finding it hard to stick the camo paper to the box.
  • When all kids are ready, help them out to build together a small fort made out of the boxes they have worked on just a little before.
  • Then it’s time to play Defending Fort Camo.
  • Divide all the guests into two teams

Pro Tip: If you know the children try to divide them into teams of equal strength.

  • Give a soft ball to every player in one of the teams and ask them to stay at a distance from the fort all around it.
  • Instruct the other players to stay around the fort with their backs to it, facing the other team members.
  • The aim of this game is for the attackers to dismantle the fort by throwing soft balls at it.
  • Simultaneously, the defending team must try to deflect the balls away to stop them from hitting the cardboard boxes.
  • When all the boxes are touching the ground it means that the attackers have won that round.
  • Ask then the kids to switch roles.

Pro Tip: With older children you can make this game more competitive by keeping the time taken to dismantle the fort. With these you can also increase the distance from where they can throw the balls to make the game a bit more challenging.

Safety Tip: Be careful not to use hard balls, like soccer balls, basket balls or even tennis balls to play this game since children can get hurt when they are hit by the balls, even if inadvertently.

2. Camo Pages

Providing coloring pages at a party is always a welcome activity particularly by the little ones. You can use this activity when you want the kids to calm down, say after an active game or just before they’re going to eat.

We have found some free camouflage coloring pages here and here.

What you need

  • Camo coloring pages (see above)
  • Crayons – make sure you have green, brown, and black.

3. Camo Bowling

Another awesome fun DIY camo party game is bowling using balloons and recycled water bottles.

What you need

How to play

  • Set aside 6 to 10 clear water bottles and fill ¼ of their capacity with tap water.
  • Decorate the bottles with camo color streamers.
  • Fill the deflated balloons with sand using a small funnel. Then fill them with just one small blow of air and tie them up.
  • At the party, place the bottles at one end where the game is being played, with the participants taking their turn to topple the bottles from the other end, as they throw the balloons.

4. I Spy Camo

The well know I Spy game is an awesome activity that needs no preparation and that can be very handy when you want to occupy the kids say just before the food is ready or until all the guests arrive at the venue.

To play I Spy Camo, instruct the children that they can only choose items that are camouflage in color, that is either green, brown, black and so on. This might not be very difficult if you are doing your party in the backyard.

Ask children to take turns with, “I spy with my little eyes something beginning with…”

5. Camo Hide and Seek

Another classic game that all children know how to play, but this time round we’re giving it a twist to fit the camo theme.

Pro Tip: At times it is also important to include well known games in the list of activities during a kids’ party, simply to avoid unnecessary idle time, explaining every game.

Thus, alternating such games with activities where you need to go in detailed how they are played, helps children steer clear of boredom.

What you need

How to play

You simply need to prepare the kids with some camo face painting, give them the bandanas to wear and let them play.

    Safety Tip: Let the children know where they’re allowed to hide, particularly if they’re very young. Make known to them the areas that are out of bounds before they start playing.

    6. Camo Bingo

    Bingo is a well-loved activity by both young and old. Having said that, we recommend that with teenagers (and possibly tweens as well), you would give this activity a miss. Some of them may not regard this as a cool activity fit for trendy youngsters!

    We have prepared all you need to play Camo Bingo at your camouflage party. In the free downloadable resource below find all you need to play camo bingo. (Coming soon)

    Just print on thick paper, cut and you’re ready to go.

    7. Missing In Action

    Younger children will enjoy greatly this game. It is yet another opportunity to help them relax a bit after a hectic game.

    Missing In Action is an adaptation of Memory Tray, where different toy soldiers are used to fill the tray instead of the usual small toys.

    What you need

    How to play

    • Place the toy soldiers on the tray and cover the latter with the camo paper. (If you’re using a box just close the lid.)
    • Ask the kids to gather around the chest, uncover the tray and give them 30 seconds to study what’s inside.
    • Instruct the children that they have to memorize what’s in the tray. You may hint that they can do this by remembering the number of toy soldiers, taking note of their shape, posture and so on.
    • When the 30 seconds are up, ask the kids to turn around and close their eyes.
    • Remove one of the toys and hide it. Make sure you would have thought of a good hiding spot as kids are sneaky. (Your pocket is a good place!)
    • Ask the kids to open their eyes and look inside the tray once again.
    • Ask if anyone could tell which is the missing soldier.
    • The child who gives a right answer will be the one whose turn it will be to hide the next toy soldier.
    • Repeat this step until everybody would have had their turn.

    Pro Tip: You can put hidden toys back in the tray, at any point in the game, should you wish to.

    8. Camouflage Pinata

    Pinata is the definite party activity one shouldn’t miss out on. No matter how many times kids participate in this activity, they will still be ecstatic each time they are invited to hit one of them.

    The only drawback when it comes to a camo pinata is that there are so few options when you try to buy a camouflage-themed pinata. The only handful we found, all had military connotations. If you’re happy with that you can go here, to see if you like it.

    Alternatively, you can take the plunge and construct your own camouflage pinata like we did for our son’s birthday party.

    This is how we did it… (Coming soon)

    The Quick A To Z Guide For Your Kid’s Party Pinata

    The Quick A To Z Guide For Your Kid’s Party Pinata

    Find here all the tricks an tips for a successful pinata at your kid’s party,  how to make a simple papier mache pinata in 7 easy steps, what do you put in a pinata and how to prepare children to play it safely. 

    Read more…

    9. Bomb Disposal Balloon Stomp

    If you want to hype up your group, then this is the game to start with.

    What you need

    How to play

    • Prepare as many inflated black, green and brown balloons as the number of guests taking part in this game.
    • Attach a string 2ft (60cm) long to each balloon and give one to each kid.
    • Ask them to tie the balloon to their ankle.
    • Have some upbeat music ready.
    • Explain that while the music is playing, they can dance freely, being very careful not to burst anyone’s balloon or even their own.
    • As soon as the music stops, they must try to burst someone else’s balloon, by stomping on it.  They also must be on the alert not to let anyone stomp theirs.
    • The kids whose balloons burst are eliminated.
    • The winner is the remaining kid with an intact balloon still tied to his or her leg.

    Pro Tips:

    • Use large balloons and inflate them to half their capacity to make it a bit harder for the kids to burst the balloons.
    • Playing the game on soft sand or grass also takes more effort to pop the balloon than if it were played on concrete or tiled flooring.
    • Make the game more challenging by tying two (or more) balloons to both ankles.
    • With older kids, you may even skip having the balloons readily inflated and ask them to blow up their own balloons instead.
    • You may also play this game in teams by sorting kids in groups. Assign a balloon color to each group. Each group’s mission is to pop everybody else’s balloons except those from their own team color.

    Forming Teams: An easy and fast way to divide kids in teams, is to assign each guest a number. Start from 1 till the number of groups you want to have, then start all over again. So, say you need four groups, looking at every child one by one, you say 1, 2, 3, 4, then 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on, until all kids have a number. Tell them to remember their number and group up together according to the given number. This way all the ones play together against all the twos, the threes and the fours.

    Safety Tip: To prevent anyone getting hurt, even by accident, remind your guests that no one should play rough.

    10. Camouflage Photo Booth

    Photo booths provide a lot of fun at any kid’s party. You’ll also be making sure that your kids will have memories for years to come.

    What you need

    How to do it

    • Plan when it is a good time to gather guests around the birthday boy or girl in front of the backdrop. Give them the props to experiment with, while someone takes the photos.
    • A good time to take photos is when guests are trickling in at the beginning of the party. That will make sure that you won’t forget to take the “official” photos and it also saves you from running after the guests during the party itself.
    • Another option is to do it just before cutting the cake. This will help you calm the children down especially after engaging themselves in some vigorous and competitive activities.

    11. Capture The Flag

    For the more adventurous bunch attending a camo-themed party, Capture the Flag is the most logical choice. Teenagers and tweens in particular love the excitement this strategy team game brings when it is played. Capture the flag is best played in a sizeable outdoor space, where children can run and hide.

    To spice up Capture the Flag for a camo-themed party, provide your guest with camouflage face paint and camo bandanas.

    What you need

    How to play

    • If you’re not familiar with this game, check the video below to see, in 9 easy steps, how Capture the Flag is played and how to prepare for it.

    12. Dog Tags

    Though you may think that party craft activities are something for the little ones, creating your own dog tag is an attractive mini project particularly for adolescents.

    Safety Tip: Do not do this activity with little children.

    What you need

    How to do it

    • Follow the video below for an easy demonstration how to do DIY personalized dog tags.

    Pro Tip: You can encourage your guests to work in pairs or in groups. Some of them might need help when hammering on the metal plates.

    13. Dazzle

    Dazzle can be the highlight of the the camo party games that you organize especially for teenagers. This activity goes so well particularly with a competitive group and it is so much fun in the summer months.

    Caution: Kids can get wet!

    What you need

    How to play

    • Split your guests into 2 equal teams. One of the groups will be the attackers will the rest will be the defenders.
    • Before the game starts the attackers are to stay in line after each other, with the first player to stand in the hoop which is on one side of the play area.
    • The defenders, in the meantime, are to spread on both sides of the area, leaving a wide corridor in the middle.
    • The aim of the game is for the attackers to run from one end of the area (the first hoop) to the other end (the second hoop) and back without being hit by any of the water balloons thrown by the defenders.
    • Two of the attacking team can take their turn simultaneously – as soon as the first one leaves the first hoop the second one can go too.
    • As soon as one of the attacker is hit by a balloon, they are eliminated.
    • When all the attackers are eliminated, the two teams change roles and the game is started all over again.

    Pro Tip: You can limit the number of water balloons for each round. When all are burst, the teams change sides.

    Safety Tip: Before you start this game ask the kids to throw the water balloons below shoulder level.

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