7 Great Games For A Magical Unicorn Children’s Party

by Ann Mifsud


They are cute, they are energetic, and they sometimes get bored really easily. No, not the unicorns obviously, but all the excited invitees you have for your kid’s memorable unicorn themed party. Organizing fun games for them is your counterattack to contain all the energy and conquer the dullness of a unicorn related party, where they just have to sit down.

Below is an easy how-to guide of 7 awesome unicorn themed kids’ party games, including what things you need to prepare and a couple of essential safety tips. These unicorn party games can be done both outdoors if you have the space and can be easily adapted for the indoors. Children from 5 to 10 years of age will certainly love them. Depending on who you are inviting, these unicorn games can be enjoyed by tweens as well.

Unicorn Mane Relay

1. Prepare a printout of a unicorn for each team (find free unicorn images here), some strips of colored crepe streamers some 3” (1m) long, one for each child and some tape.

2. Affix the printouts opposite to the starting line and give each kid a streamer with some tape fastened at one end – the streamers will eventually form the mane for each unicorn.

3. Split all the invitees into teams of equal numbers. To facilitate this you may designate a number to every child according to how many teams you want them to be divided in. For example, if you like to have three groups, you need to go round and assign a number from 1 to 3 to all children. Then ask the number ones to line up in a row at the starting line, then the twos and so on.

4. On your “Go”, the first child in each team must race with streamer in hand to where the unicorn is, attach the first bit of “mane” to it and rush back to the starting line.

5. As soon as player number one arrives back to the starting line, the second child must do the same, then the third, and so on until all kids have had their turn.

6. The winning team is the one that manages to attach all the streamers first.

7. You can repeat the game until you see that kids are enjoying it. We suggest however not to play this game more than three to four times.

Bring Home Unicorn Maneuver Game

1. For this game you need a hoop and a broom for each team and a unicorn balloon (or any 12 inch/30cm balloon) according to the number of kids playing.

2. Split all the children in teams and arrange them in relay positions just as the game above.

3. On your “Go”, the first child in each team must sweep his or her (unicorn) balloon to the hoop that is placed facing the team and then runs back with the broom in hand, handing it to the next player. The same sequence must be repeated until all children have had their turn.

4. The winning team is the one that gets all the balloons in the hoop first.

5. You can prepare buckets instead of hoops. Though it may be more challenging for the kids to ditch in the balloons, it may save you running after balloons especially if it is windy day.

Unicorn Ranchero Game

1. This game is better played where you have some good backyard space and it is loved especially by older kids.

2. Choose one of the children to be the ranchero and split the rest into two groups.

3. Each team has to be positioned to face one another at the farthest ends of the designated play area. The ranchero is to be ready in the middle zone.

4. Assign different colors to all kids in each team, making sure that you have a red, a blue, a green (and so on) on every side. You may want to tie a colored streamer to the kids’ hands so that their color would be easily identified.

5. As soon as all is set, the ranchero calls out a color and the kids on each side with that color must race to the other side without being tagged by the ranchero. If anyone is caught along the way before they arrive to the other side, they must stay with the ranchero to help him capture the rest when he or she calls out another color.

6. The game continues until one player is left. The latter will be the winner of the round and in turn, he or she will be the ranchero for the next round.

Unicorn Heads and Tails Game

1. Ideally you choose this game if you have space in your backyard.

2. If you are familiar with the human chain game, this is one of its variants.

3. Ask the children to form a human chain by grabbing someone else’s waist with both hands. To avoid having children forming multiple chains, you can assign a number to each one of them, starting from number one, and then invite the second child to hold the first one’s waist, the third to the second’s, and so on. You can also ask the children to hold each other’s hands instead of their waist if you think that it is more appropriate.

4. The first child will be the head to whom you’ll be giving a unicorn headband to wear. You may ask the party kid to be in this role for the first round.

5. The child at the end of the chain will be the tail. Tie a “unicorn” tail to his or her waist.

6. The aim of the game is for the “head” to try to tag the “tail”, who in turn must avoid being caught by the head. The rest of the group must also help the tail stay away from the head.

7. When the child who is the head catches the tail, he or she is to hand over the headband to the second child and move to the back to become the tail this time round. Keep on repeating the game until all the participants have had the chance to be head and tail, at least for once.

8. Be careful if children of different ages or size are playing this game together. The sturdier kids might move around in a way that they might hurt the thinner or the younger ones. Let all the kids know before you start the game, that if someone falls down or trips over, the game is immediately paused until that child is ready to play again.

Pin The Horn On The Unicorn Game

1. Think of this game as a variant of Pin The Tail On The Donkey.

2. Attach or hang the unicorn poster at child-height so that the children can reach it easily.

3. Blindfold a child at a time – you may start with the party child, or else the eldest, since they are likely to be more familiar with the game.

4. Turn them round a couple of times, then lead them so that they stand just in front of the poster.

5. Now they have to try and attach the horn on the picture.

6. When all the children have done their turn, it’s time to declare the winner – the child who’s horn was closest to the right position.

7. This is a great game especially if you have some change of plans where you have to move indoors unexpectedly.

Unicorn Ring Toss Game

1. This is perhaps more loved by younger children. It is a good option if you’re holding the party indoors or if you have limited space where the children can play.

2. You need at least two unicorn “hats”, that are worn by any two kids, and a good number of rings.

3. The aim of this game is to throw the rings in the attempt to append as many of them as possible to the unicorn horns.

4. It can be played in twos or in groups. It can also be played individually, having a child wearing the unicorn “hat”, throwing the rings above his or her head and trying to catch them him or herself.

Unicorn Bingo

1. This game is ideal to calm children down after some vigorous games such as the ones above, maybe just before you want the kids to move on to another party activity such as sitting down to eat.

2. Download and print these free printables. Have a sheet for each child that will be taking part and another one which you have to cut up into square with a scissors. Then fold each square in two and put all of them in a container, ready for the bingo caller.

3. Before bingo starts, each child is to have a bingo sheet and a pen or pencil.

4. Choose a bingo caller – this may be the party child – which has to pick a card from the container, one at a time. Then he or she is to show and describe the picture.

5. The rest of the children must be careful to cross out on their sheets the picture that corresponds with what the caller has just picked up.

6. As soon as a player crosses out a whole row, be it horizontal, vertical or diagonal, he or she is to shout “Bingo”.

7. You may wish to give out a prize – you may have some party favors leftovers – to whom fills up a whole row.

8. Continue the unicorn bingo until all cards are picked up by the caller.

9. Print extra bingo sheets if you wish that the kids play bingo more than once.

In closing…

Nothing replaces games that make the children have fun and release energy during a party like the ones suggested by us above. We have shown you all you need to know to be geared up for the great day. Having said that, you may also want to consider these two unicorn indoor games, especially if your time to prepare or space are limited.

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