5 High-Powered Disney Cars-Themed Party Games

by Ann Mifsud


No party would be complete without a number of fun games that go hand in hand with the party theme. A Disney Cars-themed party is certainly not an exception. Here, is a detailed description of 5 impressive Disney Cars-themed kids party games, including a couple of essential safety tips.

1. Radiator Springs Speedway Game

1. Think of this game as an obstacle course relay race.

2. Prepare two obstacle courses where you are going to hold the party games, say your backyard.

3. Each course could include:

    • Old tires in which kids could get into and out of;
    • Plastic cones to zig-zag around;
    • Small boxes to jump over and;
    • Hoops to jump into, pick up and take off from over their heads.

(All these items can be used as part of the party set-up as well. See our full article “A Disney Cars-Themed Party Any Kid Is Sure To Love”.)

4. Organize the kids in two teams and to add to the excitement, assign a name to each group, like “Team Mater” or “The McQueens”.

5. Explain to the small crowd that on your “Go”, the first one in line from each team has to race through all the obstacles; in and out of the tires, around the cones in a zig-zag form, over the boxes and, in and out of the hoops. On their way back to the starting line they just need to run to the next in line and go at the back of the file. The second child in line has to perform the same tasks as soon as he or she is tagged by the mate that was first. Then the third will do the same when it comes to their turn, then the fourth and so on, until everyone would have done their turn.

6. If one of the teams has one less player, ask the first one in the line to do a second lap after all the team members have had their turn. By this the two teams would have done an equal amount of laps in total. You may choose the birthday kid to avoid complaints from the children.

7. Needles to say, the team who finishes the obstacle course first is the winner.

8. To make this game a bit more challenging for older children you may ask them to race with an inflated balloon between their knees, for example.

9. If you have a lot of guests and you foresee that there will be a lot of waiting time, you may either prepare obstacles for as many teams you would want the kids to be split into or you can ask the teams to race against time using the same props all over. You can go for the latter option if you do not have enough space say in your backyard, to set up more than one obstacle course.

2. Rev Up Your Engines Bean Bag Toss Game

1. For this game the children have to toss bean bags and try to get as many as possible inside a tire.

2. Here you can utilize the same old tires you used in the first game. You will also need 3 bean bags for each of your guests. (If you don’t have bean bags you can fill small plastic bags with some rice and tie them securely.)

3. Ask the kids to stay in line some 5 feet (1.5m) away from the tire and on the ”Go” the first one in each line has to throw all bean bags at his or her disposal, one by one.

4. The child who manages to throw the largest amount in the tire is the winner. Obviously here you can have more than one winner, which is fine! The children can also play this game in teams.

5. Encourage the kids to repeat the game until you see that they have had enough of it, but do not exceed 15 minutes before you go on to another game or another party activity.

6. If you’re having your kid’s party indoors and you may not want to get old tires inside, the Disney Pixar Cars Bean Bag Toss Game Set could be a good alternative to play this game.

3. Fast Towing Service Game

1. Here you need two tires (again you can use the same old tires as above) and two ropes each some 25 inches (8m) long.

2. Tie one end of one of the ropes to one of the tires. Do the same with the other one. Make sure they are securely tied.

3. Divide the children into two teams and mark a start and finish line.

4. Each team, then, is to tow their tire by pulling it together from the rope to get it across the play area as fast as they can and beat the other team.

5. The team who gets to the finish line first wins.

6. For the kids’ safety make sure that they all know that if anyone trips or falls while the towing is being carried out, all the players must stop until the one who has fallen gets up again. They may then continue with the game. Make sure as well that when the children grab their piece of rope they stay some 2” (60cm) away from each other to avoid unnecessary tripping caused by the kids being very close to each other.

7. You can ask the children to repeat this game for as long you consider appropriate.

8. If you won’t manage to get your hands on old tires, you can still have the kids play this game. Get two inflatable pool tires, tie the ropes to them and you’re ready to go. You can also ask a child from each team to lie on the tire and be towed away by his or her mates. Children can take turns reclining on the inflatable.

4. It’s Green, It’s Red Game

1. Think of this game as a variant of the classic “Grandma’s Footsteps”.

2. There’s nothing really to prepare for this game; just ask the children to stay in a line at one end of your backyard and give them the following instructions.

3. Let them know that you are going to be Doc Hudson and that they have to attempt at sneaking up to you without being seen or heard.

4. Stay at the other end of the area you’ll be using with your back turned to the group when it’s time to start the game.

5. The game starts when you first call out, “Green light”. It is the signal that all the children have to walk up to you.

6. At random times throughout the game, say “Red light”, and turn around.

7. When you face the group, the children must freeze.

8. Any player you see moving, send him or her back to the start.

9. Then turn around and call afresh, “Green light.” The children start moving towards you again.

10. Whoever gets to tap Doc Hudson’s shoulder first wins and will be Doc Hudson on the next round.

11. Make sure to be lenient at times with children, as some of them might find it very difficult to really freeze. You don’t want the same child to be sent to the start, over and over again.

5. Musical Tires Game

1. A fitting variant of “Musical Chairs” when choosing Disney Cars theme, this game remains appealing to kids of all ages.

2. You need a couple of old tires (instead of chairs) that need to be scattered around in somewhat a circular formation. You can also use inflatable pool tires instead. The number of tires must be one less than the total of participants.

3. Prepare some music from the Disney Cars movie soundtrack.

4. Start playing the music while the kids walk around the tires.

5. As soon as you stop the music everyone has to lay down on a tire.

6. The child who doesn’t manage to find an empty tire is out until the next round.

7. Remove one of the tires and start all over again until only one child remains.

8. The one that remains till the end is the winner.

9. Before you start the game instruct the children, especially if they’re very young, in which direction they should go. Since “clockwise” or “anti-clockwise” wouldn’t mean anything for the little ones, make sure that they are all facing in the same direction before you start the music and when it starts just tell to move forward.

10. If you don’t have enough tires, you could have the children play this game in turns.

Indoor Disney Cars-themed games alternatives

If you will be finding it difficult to include these games during your kid’s party for whatever reason, be it lack of space or bad weather, then there are always some good indoor alternatives. Here’s a list of games that kids will surely love to play inside. A good thing about these games is that you can keep them and play with them as a family over and over again.

And this for the little ones…

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