5 Best Tips For Your Kid’s First Birthday Party

by Ann Mifsud


It is a common experience for parents to share that from the day their baby was born to when he or she turns one, time flies like no other year! Of course this is understandable.

For most, this eventful year would have been all about nursing, feeding, changing nappies, offering comfort during colic attacks, relief when teething, experiencing sleepless nights that can turn into weeks, learning weaning strategies, providing the best safety, monitoring developments, taking pictures and everything in between.

Any parent deserves a pat on the back for successfully thriving through such a monumental year. More often than not, parents would want to celebrate this life-changing year with a party that marks the milestone of their baby turning one.

But before they do, there are 5 tips each parent should look into if they want their baby’s first birthday party to be a complete success.

In a nutshell…

The best time of the day to hold a kid’s first birthday party is somewhere between 10am and 2pm. It should be around 75 minutes to 2 hours long. Inviting 2 or 3 children your kid’s age is a big party for them. Celebrating your baby’s first birthday at your own house is by far your best bet for a memorable party.

Read on to discover more first hand advice as to what makes a memorable first birthday party.

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1. What is the best time of the day to hold a kid’s 1st birthday party?

Deciding on the best time of the day to hold your kid’s first birthday party takes a bit of thinking. This is because every kid has their own personality and what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. Having said that, there are a couple general rules of thumb worth considering if you want a successful first birthday party for your kid.

If your little one has a set naptime routine, work around it when it comes to choosing the time of day for your kid’s first birthday party. Most infants get cranky if they are tired, restless if they are hungry and uptight if they are overwhelmed. So the more you know your tot and choose a party time in line with his or her routine, the more promising your results are likely to be. Remember it’s your kid’s first birthday party so you would want him or her to be in the best mood possible.

If on the contrary, your munchkin naps on demand, then go for a late morning or early afternoon party, somewhere between 10am and 2pm, to play it safe. These times work well with most one-year olds, especially if you are inviting a few other guests in the same age group. You do need to keep in mind that your guests, young and old alike, are likely to be hungrier around 1pm when it comes to planning what food to serve at your kiddo’s first birthday party.

2. How long should a 1-year-old’s birthday party be?

Limit the time to around 75 minutes to two hours at the very most, when planning your one-year old’s birthday party. This works well with most kids this age, as it gives them ample time to play, eat and sing happy birthday, without them becoming overly excited by the end of the party.

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How Long Should A Kid’s Party Last?

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3. How many people should I invite to my kid’s first birthday party?

This might be key at your one-year old’s birthday party. At this age, kids generally play alongside other kids and not with other kids. Inviting too many kids can easily make the guest of honor feel overwhelmed. Certainly don’t feel pressurized into inviting every infant your kid has contact with at daycare or baby classes.

It’s family most one year olds feel safest and most secure with, so sticking to a small, intimate gathering for their first birthday party is generally advisable. Inviting two or three other children your kid’s age is already a big party for them. This is especially important if your little one happens to be sensitive, shy or feels easily overwhelmed with a lot of people around. Don’t worry, you will have further opportunities for organizing bigger and noisier parties. Just you wait and see!

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Best First Birthday Invitation Message

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4. Where should I celebrate my baby’s first birthday?

Infants feel most confident and relaxed in environments they recognize well. If the space allows it, celebrating your baby’s first birthday at your own house is by far your best bet for a successful party.

If this is impossible, consider the house of a very close relative, like your parents’, a favorite aunt or very close friend. If you wish to go for an alternative venue, choose one that isn’t totally alien to your toddler.

Maybe a favorite restaurant you have visited with your baby a few times in the past year, is able to provide you with a room that fits your guests nicely and comfortably. Some restaurants have designated play areas you can book ahead all to yourself, enjoy decorating on party day or the eve and make the day memorable (even if, all truth be told, your little one will sadly not remember anything of it).

Whichever venue you go for, keep in mind that some guest moms may, possibly like you, have breastfeeding little ones who also need nappy changing. Make sure to provide a space that’s private enough for them to feel comfortable breastfeeding and changing nappies.

Safety considerations should feature at the top of your list when choosing the right venue for your infant’s first birthday party. You are likely to have a handful of munchkins who are still unsteady on their feet, crawling and attempting climbing at every opportunity they get. Be extra vigilant to set up gates where necessary (especially if there are stairs or open fireplaces) and remove anything that can easily be swallowed or harmful in any way.

5. How much should I spend on a one-year old’s birthday party?

There is no one perfect answer to this; reason being this depends on a number of factors. Generally speaking though, a good percentage of parents are willing to spend an average of $250, others say it’s more like $500, still others are ready to push that figure as high as 1K or more, given it’s their little one’s first birthday party.

How much you spend on your one-year-old’s birthday party really boils down to how simple or extravagant you want it to be. Key factors for consideration include:

  • The number of people you are willing to invite,
  • Whether you are throwing your son’s or daughter’s first birthday party at home or at a rented venue,
  • What you will be offering for food, whether it’s going to be free-flowing beer and wine for the adults, homemade food or fancy outside catering,
  • What type of decorations you want to go for, whether they’re over-the-top or nice and simple, ready-bought or homemade, or a healthy mix of both,
  • Not least, what type of entertainment you will be providing, whether it’s free play or outsourced.

Being the celebration of their kid’s first milestone, some parents decide to go all out on their son’s or daughter’s first birthday party and hire the services of a party planner. That on its own will cost between $500 and $750. Of course, in return, this means that the decorations, setup and entertainment as well as, possibly ordering the food and cleanup, is all taken care of.

It’s obviously fine if the parents are comfortable with such a figure. But it’s just as fine not to spend that much as long as the guest of honor and the party guests enjoy it. Sounds obvious, but keeping in mind what you can afford at the time your little one turns one is key. Do not get caught up into impressing other parents. See what works for you and your family.

Bottom line, it’s really putting your heart into it that counts. Your child will not remember much of it, although taking tons of photos will proof the lengths to which you went on his or her first birthday party when the right time comes.

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Final thoughts on 5 best tips when planning your kid’s first birthday party…

Your baby’s first birthday is a milestone you would most likely want to celebrate in style. For it to be a success though, any parent who is planning on throwing a party for their one year old, must not overlook certain key factors.

In the above article we have highlighted 5 important questions that need answering some time before you start planning your baby’s first birthday party. Note our recommended time of day for your kid’s first birthday party. We have also advised on the length the party should take, as well as how many people you should invite to your son’s or daughter’s first birthday party. Other suggestions include the venue options one should consider. There is also a clear indication on how much one can expect to spend on a one-year-old’s birthday party.

Now is the time for you to sit down and get planning. With our tips to help you through, you are sure to be looking at one successful and amazing first birthday party for your loved little one. Enjoy!

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