21 Kids Thank You Notes Following A Party

by Ann Mifsud


We all wish our kids were naturally thankful, but fostering a sense of gratitude in them is often constant work on the parents’ part. Writing thank you notes following a party is one suggestion to help your kids grow in this sense of appreciativeness for the gifts they receive.

In order to encourage you on this journey of getting your kids to write thank you messages following a party, we are providing you with 21 suggestions you could easily get your kids to write in their post-party thank you cards.

Alternatively, get inspired to tailor-make them to your own liking or your little one’s level. You may find a long message and decide to shorten it for a younger kid to copy, or ask your older kid to elaborate on one of the 21 suggestions given.

You could jump straight to the list of thank you messages hereunder. But if the thought of telling your kids to write thank you messages following a party, brings to mind a series of creative whines, on the lines of “it’s boring”, “I’m tired”, “it’s so time consuming”, “I can’t think” and “this is killing me”, we totally get you.

We understand this may leave you skeptical on whether you should go through the trouble or not. In that case, read further on to get to know the great benefits that writing post party thank you notes may have on your kid’s psychological and emotional development.

Here are 21 suggestions for kids thank you notes following a party.

Thank you for the . . .   I really like it. It was very nice of you to think of me.

Thank you for your thoughtful gift. I truly appreciate it. But I want you to know that your presence made my day even more memorable.

Your gift was absolutely awesome. It showed me how much effort you put into it. Thank you.

Thank you for coming to my party. Your presence really made it special. Thank you also for the pretty gift.

Receiving a . . .   from you was so amazing. Thank you. I really like it because . . .

The gift you chose for me is perfect in every way. I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you from my heart.

I loved the pretty card you sent me and wish to thank you for your generous monetary gift. I will be buying myself a . . .

Your super cool gift made my day. Thank you so much.

I am so grateful for the lovely gift you gave me, but even happier for making my day super special with your presence.

I treasure our friendship immensely and your gift made me feel so loved. I can’t wait to use it.

I love the . . .   you gave me. It is perfect and I will treasure it forever.

I was deeply touched by your gift. It made me feel special seeing how much time you must have put into it.

You made me feel so loved by the kind words you wrote in the card. I also appreciate the sweet gift you gave me. Thank you.

Thank you so much for the . . .   It was the sweetest gift of all. I can’t wait to . . .

Thank you for the . . .   I can’t wait to play with it.

I really like the awesome . . .   I can’t wait to put it on. Thank you so much.

Your gift was simply exceptional. I didn’t expect it in a million years! Thank you.

It was so thoughtful of you to choose a . . .   for me. You really know me well 🙂

You made me feel so special when I opened your gift and found a . . .  It’s exactly what I needed. To many more years of great friendship 🙂

The time you spent on my gift shows me what a precious friend you are. Thank you so much.

I will relish your gift and card deeply. Thank you so much.


Why is it important for kids to write thank you notes following a party?

Research shows that grateful kids grow up to be happier adults. They are more likely to become people who have what it takes to better face the array of circumstances life presents them with.

Many psychologists have studied the relationship between gratitude and happiness. Wood, AM and Geraghty A, stress that “Gratitude is strongly related to well being”, in their paper Gratitude and well-being: A review and theoretical integration.

Of course, gratitude is not always natural; on the contrary humans are more inclined to be selfish and individualistic. It is here that, our practices as parents, can help instil gratitude in little kids, and a tendency to appreciate all acts of kindness, spurring them on to become adults who thrive.

When gratitude is exercised routinely, kids learn to move away from that sense of entitlement so rampant in society today.

They will be drawn towards fostering a promising grateful and gracious heart, till it eventually becomes innate for them to show gratitude spontaneously, without being nudged or directly asked.

It is true that gratitude is an emotion. But we cannot emphasize enough that with practice, it can increase, as it is also a virtue. Besides being experienced, it is important that gratitude is also expressed.

Hence this article which encourages consolidating gratitude for a gift received at a party, with an “official” thank you message following a party.

If your kid is old enough, you can precede this task with a discussion of what it means to say thank you. Talk about why he or she was given these gifts, elicit how they felt when they received the gifts, how they liked the gift and why, and discuss ways of how they will be using it. Such conversations help them internalize what it means to be thankful even more.

Of course, remember that few kids will want to write thank you messages on a whim, so yes, they will need to be encouraged. Modelling, as with anything else, helps. If your kids see you writing thank you notes to your husband (or wife), every now and then, “just for having taken care of something out of the norm”, it sticks in their mind more than our words do. It’s your take on how much of a priority gratitude is for you as a parent. The higher it is, the better it will be for your kid in the long run.

Never give up encouraging and teaching! A friend’s generosity and thoughtfulness should not go unnoticed, or worse still be taken for granted.

We hope that following this, you have come to understand better that instilling in your kids the practice to write thank you messages following a party goes a long way. It teaches them something for life. And it gets more difficult to instil the older they grow, so start them young!

Hi I'm Ann

Hi I'm Ann

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